• 21-JUL-2014

New Holland PLM® Connect eases fleet management, large or small


  • Integrates the collection, processing and transfer of machine data
  • Produces information that can facilitate management decisions and monitor machine activity
  • Passive operation using the web provides access to actual machine operating data. Active intervention based upon pre-determined parameters can be used to alert the operator to potential issues
  • ‘Real time’ service that keeps tabs on machine data and related operational information
  • Purpose developed by New Holland for ease of set up and use, with training available

Modern agriculture places ever-changing demands upon farmers, managers and contractors, but a key constant is the need to manage equipment in the field as efficiently as possible to optimise utilisation and reduce downtime. New Holland PLM® Connect is a state-of-the-art communication system that can facilitate the control and supervision of equipment from a centralised office, allowing machine operation to be monitored and managed without the need to spend time travelling between separate operations. It is a flexible system, needing just a 12volt supply to enable it to work with all brands of equipment.

“New Holland PLM® Connect is the next best thing to sitting next to the operator,” says Luca Mainardi, Head of Tractor and Precision Land Management Product Management. “Those tasked with managing equipment in the field can patch into the operation and monitor progress via an online dashboard. This can help maximise uptime, improve productivity and efficiency and even help optimise fuel use. Communication between the operator and those tasked with management is enhanced, a real plus when working with operators with varied levels of experience and within tight time schedules.”

A key PLM® Connect feature is connectivity between equipment. As an example, multiple machines can be monitored from the centralised office, which could include utilising a tablet to access the online portal, and settings from one vehicle that is optimised, can in turn be suggested to another via the messaging service built in to the product. Machine utilisation is another key feature of PLM® Connect. Machines within a fleet can be quickly examined in order to decrease down time and increase performance, efficiency and in turn profitability. Although PLM® Connect is a full New Holland product, it is designed to offer compatibility with competitor products to include older machinery. This will enable the system to be added to any existing fleets.

Two levels of PLM® Connect, Essential and Professional, are available with core features including 360° - 24/7 machine access, optimised input management and detailed performance analysis and evaluation. PLM® Connect Essential ideally suits the needs of medium sized farms and can be fitted to tractors that are not equipped with CAN Bus technology.

PLM® Connect Professional offers in-depth, real time information on equipment both locally and working at long distances from the main farm office. Fitted to vehicles with CAN Bus technology, PLM® Connect Professional relays detailed operating information to enable the remote monitoring of machine parameters and live communication with operators. Experienced operator input can be delivered to those less familiar with a given operation to   instantaneously   improve   productivity and operating efficiency thanks to the real time connection.

New Holland dealers will be able to help set up PLM® Connect systems to suit individual customer needs, with New Holland offering customers with more involved systems access to PLM® End User training courses.

“New Holland is aware of the reluctance some farmers and contractors have with modern connectivity systems,” adds Luca Mainardi. “A key feature of PLM® Connect is its ability to evolve to meet the changing experience of the end user. This enables those adopting PLM® Connect to start with basic monitoring, which can be as simple as just locating the position of a given item of equipment. As the user gains more confidence in what can be achieved, more of the systems power can be exploited. PLM® Connect is designed to suit all types of user and is not solely for those who have grown up with advanced technology.”