• 12-NOV-2013

New Holland reaches 50,000 production landmark for TC5000 combines


  • A history characterised by continual innovation
  • The all-new TC5000 five strawwalker combine range enhances comfort and capacity

New Holland Agriculture has reached the impressive production milestone of 50,000 TC conventional combines. This achievement will be celebrated in Plock, Poland, home of the TC in Europe, and in Curitiba, Brazil, the Latin American manufacturing plant later this month. 

“This is a very important accomplishment in New Holland’s harvesting history, and it is testament to the many thousands of workers, both in Plock and in Curitiba, who have made this possible” stated Carlo Lambro, Brand President of New Holland Agriculture. “The TC range has always been at the heart of our  harvesting family, and the current generation, packed full of advanced technology will continue to satisfy our customers’ requirements.”

To commemorate this milestone, all new TC5000 combines will feature a silver 50,000 celebration decal. 

A history characterised by continual innovation

The first TC combines were manufactured at New Holland’s Centre of Harvesting Excellence in Zedelgem, Belgium, in 1992, in response to a growing demand for a compact combine which balanced productive harvesting with simplicity. Just one year later, in 1993, production started in Curitiba, Brazil, and to date, over 30,000 combines have been built here alone.  In 1998 the production facility in Europe was relocated from Zedelgem to Plock where today the plant produces the latest generation of TC combines.

The TC has always featured the segment’s latest productivity boosting innovations. Key technological advances include the introduction of the self-levelling cleaning shoe in 1993. This significantly boosted the cleaning performance of the range. The Hillside version was launched in 1995, which offers correction for both vertical and lateral slopes, and enables customers to harvest in even the most extreme terrain. The rotary separator was first introduced in 1996 and delivers improved threshing performance. An all-new cab was unveiled in 2008, and this enhanced operator comfort. 2012 heralded the introduction of productivity boosting ECOBlue™ SCR technology for Tier 4A compliance, which reduced fuel consumption.

The all-new TC5000 five strawwalker combine range enhances comfort and capacity

The latest generation TC5000 further improves the range’s reputation for dependable harvesting efficiency. It is set to offer the world’s mid-sized arable farmers and large scale livestock operations, together with contractors,  unsurpassed operating comfort and productivity.

The range is equipped with many premium and award-winning features, which increase productivity and operating efficiency. The all-new Harvest Suite™ Comfort cab has set the benchmark in this segment for day-long ergonomic and comfortable operation. Opti-Fan™ technology counteracts the effects of gravity on the cleaning system to reduce losses and to deliver a cleaner grain sample. The SmartSieve™ system is ideal for operations which work on undulating  terrain; by automatically changing the throw angle of the grain on the sieve, it compensates for slide slopes and can increase cleaning capacity by up to 30%. Dual Chop™ technology ensures super fine chopped residue, ideal for no-till and minimum-tillage operations.

​12 November 2013