• 25-FEB-2016

BC5000 Perfect for your straw or hay operation



Ideally suited for small farming operations, the BC5060 has a 1,8m Super Sweep™ pick-up allowing swift travel along small lanes, smooth passing through narrow gates and compact storage in confined spaces. The wider 2m Super Sweep™ pick-up on the BC5070 and the extra feeder rotor provide the high capacity and daily output required on larger farms and contracting operations.

Producing consistent firm bales is a major benefit of the new BC5000 balers. The long bale chamber, allowing for a long plunger stroke, combined with the high plunger speed, ensures a 1st class quality bale formation. Adjustable top and bottom bale chamber rails and adjustable bale case doors allow for a perfect setting of the required density.

Efficient crop gathering of even the shortest of straw varieties from a wide windrow left behind a large combine harvester, or the smallest nutritious hay leaf that has been field-dried for days, is collected with ease using the efficient Super Sweep™ pick-up fitted to the BC5000 balers. Curved tines, close tine spacing, flanged tine guards, an effective floating wind-guard, all add to a swift, clean pick-up action.

Compact bales built up by equal wads are easy to handle and keep their shape over a longer period. The exclusive New Holland rotary feeder system, using feeder rotors and a packer fork, is gentle on the crop and assures a steady crop flow and a quality bale. Bale length is consistent thanks to the ideal positioning of the metering wheel and adjusting that length is easily done by adjusting the length of the trip-stop on the bale metering arm.