• 16-OCT-2013

Steyr presents new products for municipal use



Efficient solutions for every application Multifunctional Tractors for Municipal Use 2014

In good time for the start of the winter road clearance season Steyr is presenting a much expanded tractor range with special fittings for municipal operations / As its leading new product Steyr is presenting the new Steyr Profi CVT with the new municipal combi frame system

Traditionally Steyr tractors are also used in the business segments outside classic agricultural operations, and more and more municipal authorities, and horticultural, landscaping and forestry organisations are appreciating the advantages of these Austrian-made tractors. High benefit combined with low costs are the central features of the Steyr solutions for this specific customer segment. As a one-stop supplier Steyr also offers tailored solutions for all-year-round use, such as snow clearance, road maintenance, cultivation of urban open spaces, sporting and green spaces, or forestry work and the construction industry.

A total of six series are available for these particular applications – with a power range of 56 to 228 hp.

First there is the flexible Kompakt S, followed by the tremendously versatile Kompakt and the universal Multi through to the economical Profi Classic, the innovative Profi and the Profi CVT, and the mighty flagship the Steyr CVT.

Extra benefit - service

Competence round the clock – a key argument for the Steyr brand. The Steyr Efficient Solutions service matrix provides machines with optimum fittings for all applications and the greatest possible cost and performance efficiency.

A close-knit service network and, for example, a 24-hour spares express service plus modern Steyr Protect machine insurance policies make for optimum use and operating safety.

Environmentally sound and substantially more flexible

In addition to the much greater flexibility, with Steyr tractors municipal authorities and conservation companies profit greatly from the new ecotech technology, based on innovative engines and exhaust cleaning systems from FPT.

Users can thus operate in the long term more economically, more productively, with less environmental impact and more cleanly than ever before.

With Steyr ecotech tractors it is possible to greatly increase productivity and efficiency while cutting fuel consumption and pollutant emissions. Furthermore the comfortable and quiet cabins provide a comfortable working environment for the user. The ergonomically arranged control elements of the Steyr Multicontroller mean simple and fatigue-free working.

New series

In 2013 Steyr considerably extended its range of municipal tractors. In the middle of the year the municipal versions of the new Steyr Multi (power range 99 – 114 hp) and of the new Steyr Kompakt (power range 86 – 107 hp) were presented. As its leading new product for the coming season Steyr is now presenting the new Profi CVT with new technologies and many innovations. Central to these is the high-efficiency CVT Transmission with active stop control and double clutch technology. In addition it has the latest generation of Multicontroller.

"With the new Profi CVT we are presenting an efficient, very powerful, and, in particular, continuously variable tractor. Thanks to its modern equipment it operates impressively in all power ranges – from the environmentally sound and high-torque engine and powerful hydraulics through to its compact design and manoeuvrability, plus its state-of-the-art driver comfort. It is also a reliable and economical all-rounder for municipal authorities."

New municipal frame

For tractors which are used in municipal operations, the front mounting space is one of the most important areas for the use of implements. Over the past few years, however, implement weights and implement reach have increased steadily. To satisfy the more rigorous requirements which result, for example with respect to torsional moments, Steyr has developed the next generation of the tried-and-tested municipal frame, which is also used in the Steyr Profi CVT.

With the Steyr municipal combi - frame, fast mounting is possible in the front mounting space. Central to the system is a standardised quick-change plate, which can be fitted as an option with a front hydraulic combination. This makes it possible to use front-mounted implements safely and to minimise set-up times when changing implements.

For the first time with Steyr municipal frames so-called side-rails are used, thus ensuring a sturdy design and torsion-resistant construction. A new central Support bracket, integrated in the combe - frame structure ensures a buckle-resistant and torsion-free structure. With this, even heavy mounted implements with high torsional moments can be operated safely.

There is also an optimised rear-axle support. It guarantees optimum force transfer and avoids overloading the front-axle Support. The use of snow ploughs/blowers and slope mowers involves high loads, for example due to the great reach of the mowers. Specifically for this purpose the quick changing plate have been einforced and additional struts added to the rear axle support structure.

With the municipal frame torsional moments of up to 52 KN/m – according to model – can be absorbed without difficulty.

In the front area new adjusting strips are also used. With them it is simple to make a longitudinal adjustment to the municipal plate. As an option there is also a new heavy-duty frame which is used wherever high lateral forces are to be expected, for example where slope mowers have long side arms.

The municipal frame is available as standard for fitting to all Steyr municipal tractors from the Kompakt 4085 to the CVT 6230. It can also be retrofitted if required.

Sölden / St. Valentin, 16.10.2013