• 16-OCT-2013

Debut of the new Steyr Profi CVT with municipal configuration



Efficient, powerful & continuously variable

The tractors of the new Steyr Profi CVT series are new all-round tractors for municipal use / New, high-efficiency CVT transmission with active stop control and double clutch technology

Only a short time after the debut of the standard model, it is now also available in a modern municipal version: Packed full of innovations and new technologies, Steyr drives out the new Profi CVT series for municipal operations and the care of green spaces and park areas.

The CVT transmission developed by Steyr is the technical highlight. This drive features a continuously variable transmission and is based on the double clutch technology. Steyr engineers at St. Valentin have developed an intelligent power split concept which allows for a speed of 50 km/h at a reduced engine speed of only 1750 rpm.

This results in a rugged drive technology which meets highest requirements, and a perfect engine/transmission management for excellent operation whatever the task may be – covering the full range from creeper speed to top speed of up to 50 km/h. The high efficiency CVT transmission has two mechanical forward ranges and one reverse range, and was set up and developed in St. Valentin.

Three models in the municipal series

The municipal series includes the 4110 Profi CVT, the 4120 Profi CVT and the 4130 Profi CVT with 110 to 130 hp rated power. The S-Tronic engine transmission management is also part of the standard configuration.

All new Profi models are equipped with modern FPT engines with turbocharger and intercooler as well as Steyr ecotech, featuring SCR exhaust after-treatment to meet Stage III B emission standards, and an intelligent control system for the engine transmission Management. The 4.5 litre four-cylinder engines are equipped with an electronic common-rail injection. Thanks to a power boost, an additional power output of 22 hp is available as required.

Active stop control as standard

The factory-fit active stop control ensures safe stops on slopes, even with loads attached without applying brakes or clutch. Furthermore, the transmission is characterised by extremely long service intervals of 1,200 hours of operation.

With Steyr S-Tech, the engine, continuously variable transmission and all the relevant tractor systems such as the electronic hitch control, pto, four-wheel drive and S-Guide auto steering are all interlinked.

Comfortable cabin

When developing the new cab, engineers at Steyr put particular emphasis on highest operator comfort; thus the Profi CVT series features one of the most spacious cabs in this tractor segment. The window area alone offers 5.78 square metres in the four-post design-cab. The integrated roof window allows for a 105 degree angle of vision on the front work space.  Furthermore, it is one of the quietest cabs in the tractor market. New comfort standards are set with 69 dB (A) noise level and an optional cab suspension.

Optimised Multicontroller

The improved Multicontroller additionally provides for simplified operation and optimum workplace ergonomics. The Multicontroller is fitted with backlit operating keys allowing for easier and safer operation in the dark.´The slim engine construction and the central drive set of the new tractor design make a steering angle of 55 degrees possible, hence allowing for excellent driving characteristics and a turning radius of just 4.04 metres.

Innovative control of idling speed

The system for idling speed control is also an innovative new development. Fuel consumption is further reduced by means of a newly developed software function, lowering operating costs accordingly. 30 seconds after the operator has left the cab, the idling speed will automatically be reduced from 850 to 650 rpm unless either electronic remote valves or the hydraulic system are in operation.

New parking and trailer brakes

An electric parking brake now also belongs to the standard equipment of the Profi CVT, and can be engaged or disengaged comfortably from the steering column. Moreover, the parking brake is activated automatically when the engine is switched off, and disengaged when the tractor is started again. A pneumatic trailer brake, operated via the power shuttle, is also part of the standard equipment.

Lifting strength and full hydraulic power

As a modern and versatile tractor for use in municipal operations, the new Profi CVT is fitted with a highly flexible and powerful hydraulic system. An axial piston pump delivers a high flow capacity of up to 125 litres per minute – including pressure and flow regulation if needed. A maximum of seven electro-hydraulic remote valves allow for the control of a wide range of functions.

Complete and comfortable overview: Integrated monitors

The new Steyr Profi CVT can also be equipped with the armrest-mounted S-Tech 300 (standard) or S-Tech 700 monitors. These monitors are ISOBUS-compatible and allow the comfortable operation of mounted implements as well as the integration of automatic guidance systems. The displays have video interfaces so that pictures from external cameras can be shown.

Municipal configuration

The municipal version includes an efficient and generous lighting package with high-powered generator, modern LED municipal signal bar, electrically heated windscreen and rear window, electrically adjustable and heated rear mirror, as well as the newly integrated municipal frame for the simple mounting of special municipal devices. In addition for the Profi CVT there is an extensive range of ex-works additional fittings such as municipal tyres, Steyr SZ front loader, if required protective guards for axles, fuel tank, engine and transmission.

The new Profi CVT series was developed and is produced in the tractor factory in St. Valentin. These tractors can be ordered as of now.

St. Valentin / Sölden, 16.10.2013