• 27-JUN-2017

Fans Rally Round in 'STEYR Quest' Search Challenge


In the style of Pokemón Go, STEYR announced the STEYR Quest - the first virtual collective album for all 140 tractors ever produced by the Austrian manufacturer.
To mark their 70th anniversary, STEYR came up with something very special. In a homage to the company’s history, its Facebook fans were asked to track down all 140 models ever made and ‘capture’ them online by means of the STEYR Quest.
Old classics still in operation.
The task sounds easier than it is. Among the 140 models there are rare special designs, such as the STEYR 8320 implement carrier and other model series, which were produced only in small numbers and are therefore difficult to find. Taking up the challenge, hundreds of STEYR fans scoured barns, halls and old photo albums looking for the distinctive red and white tractors.
One of the first tractors, to be found, photographed and loaded into the virtual collective album at steyrdex.com was the classic green STEYR 80, the success story of the company 70 years ago. Company representatives were particularly pleased to discover that many of the old classics like Type 80, Type 180, Type 280 or Plus 50 from the 1940s, 50s and 60s were found to be still in daily use after all the years and tens of thousands of hours of operation.
The search continues.
STEYR Quest is not finished yet - some tractors, such as the STEYR 870 or the STEYR 9115 have still not been tracked down. “You can see which models are still missing,” says Marie Mouton, at Brand Communications STEYR Europe. “Just visit the instagram.com/steyr_traktoren and look for the big question marks. If you find or own one of the tractors which haven’t been found yet, do not hesitate to take a photo and send the photo to our Instagram page!” 
STEYR Quest has won many awards.
The project, conceived and implemented by the STEYR Tractors marketing team together with SMUCK, ROYER & DIE EINS, short (SR1 in short), was not only a great success with its numerous participants. STEYR Quest has won a Gold and two further awards from the CREOS and CCA advertising awards organisations.
St. Valentin, June 27th date, 2017