• 12-NOV-2017



A new transmission is now available in STEYR's family of Profi models: S-ControlTM 8. This 8-stage powershift transmission is the most efficient in its class, with new functions that make everyday work on the farm easier. Meanwhile, the 6156 Profi CVT joins the Profi CVT family as its new flagship product. It features a new 6-cylinder engine, developing 145 horsepower. Front loader work and transmission functions on the new Profi have been improved greatly.

The most efficient transmission in its class.
Standard Profi models use the new S-ControlTM 8 transmission. This innovative 8-stage powershift transmission features a total of 24 gear ratios in 3 groups, forward as well as reverse. It also has a range of automatic functions. That makes the tractor more efficient, and greatly improves ride comfort. With fuel consumption of just 258 k/kWh in the DLG PowerMix driving cycle, the new STEYR 4145 is the most efficient in its class. Transmission Group A is specifically tuned for towing work, covering vehicle speeds of up to 10.7 km/h. In keeping with its Group B counterpart, for field, pasture and front loader applications between 4.3 to 18.1 km/h, it is capable of operating at full throttle with no interruption to torque. When driving on public roads, the transmission starts directly in Group C. In the field, the transmission automatically shifts through all 8 gear ratios in Group A or B. On roads, it shifts automatically through the 16 gear ratios of Groups B and C. For vegetable cultivation or winter duties, there is the option of a crawler transmission with 48 x 48 gear ratios.

Unique transmission functions.
Whenever you need more power, in Automatic mode you can use the kick-down function on the accelerator pedal to shift down - for example when the road gradient steepens. A Power Shuttle prevents drive losses when changing direction off-road while S-Stop II makes stopping a great deal easier at road junctions or when stacking bales with a front loader. As the driver applies the brake gently, the tractor continues to move forward slowly. Whenever the brake is applied, S-Stop II automatically takes care of the clutch function. Then, when you release the brake pedal, the STEYR Profi sets off again immediately. So you can control tractor movement to the centimetre.

New 6-cylinder engine in the Profi CVT family
There are 15 models in STEYR's Profi series. The most recent addition is its new flagship model, the 6145 Profi, with a 6-cylinder, 6.7 litre engine developing 145 hp. It will be available from Q3 in 2018. The STEYR ECOTECH engine concept is a common feature of all these models. Thanks to the environment-friendly Hi-eSCR system on the 4.5 litre, 4-cylinder (116 to 145 hp) and 6.7 litre, 6-cylinder, turbo diesel engine with intercooling and common-rail fuel injection, the tractors effortlessly meet Level IV of the EU exhaust emissions standard, and are therefore able to guarantee long-term economy. The 6-cylinder engine delivers 145 hp and 650 Nm at 1500 rpm, rising to 175 hp and 740 Nm with the Power Plus feature. The Profi comes in three versions: 'Profi Classic' with four mechanical control units, 'Profi' and 'Profi CVT' with four electronic control units. The engine only requires maintenance every 600 operating hours.
The S-Control CVT transmission delivers mechanical propulsion as required. This robust transmission unit with double-clutch technology delivers outstanding power transmission without any interruption to traction. It also provides powerful acceleration. The control logic delivers the required response characteristics for the transmission. The S-TRONIC controls the transmission ratio and engine speed to suit power requirements and automatically assures optimum fuel efficiency. With fuel economy of 276 g/kWh, the 4145 Profi CVT belongs in the premier league. The Profi Classic retains the proven 16 x 16-ratio 4-stage S-Control 4 powershift transmission.

Front loader work is now easier and more efficient.
The new Profi makes front loader work even more efficient. With Quick Turn II, the steering ratio can be adjusted. Fewer turns of the steering wheel make the driver's job easier, for example when working with a front loader. The driver can choose from a set of pre-defined values, or can define a personal preference on the S-Tech 700 monitor With S-Stop II and careful use of the brake pedal, the driver can control the tractor very accurately without having to operate the clutch. Transmission functions can be controlled with the new front loader joystick, arranged ergonomically on the armrest. The slim engine design provides optimum forward visibility and a big wheel lock angle. In conjunction with the castor angle of twelve degrees and the co-steered mudguards, this delivers a minimum turning circle of 9.2 metres. All Profi models can be equipped ex-factory, or can be retrofitted, for front loader operations. Hydraulic connections are arranged on a central and readily accessible distributor so the loader can be mounted and removed in seconds. A high-view window and the fourpillar cab provide great overhead and all-round visibility. Work lighting of 16 LED spotlights (a total of 32,000 lumen) around the vehicle make work easier at dawn and dusk.

S-Turn now also on the Profi.
The armrest-integrated S-TECH 700 monitor is easily controlled via a touchscreen and can be mounted on an adjustable rail in the right-hand side window. Now that all core functions of the tractor have been automated, your S-TECH monitor can deliver optimum operational sequences. Easy-Tronic II, the headland management system, enables operating procedures to be automated by distance or time. S-Turn offers a new and unique function for executing simple turns at the end of each wayline. The system calculates the ideal route and the appropriate speed in the headlands, making this intricate task easier for the driver. ISOBUS III in the Profi-CVT enables the tractor and its functions to be controlled by an attached implement meaning quite literally that tractor functions can be operated by the attached implement. For example, the front hitch can position itself autonomously, the PTO can be switched on and off, the control units can be actuated and the vehicle speed can be adapted. Thanks to GPS, GLONASS and RTK, S-Guide is able to work to the highest standards of precision with a repeatable accuracy level down to 2.5 cm (RTK+).

Optimum comfort.
With the Comfort cab, the Profi series can turn long-lasting operations into a pleasure. Regardless of the type of terrain or the kind of surface the Profi is driving on - the cab always provides optimum ride comfort and safety. It is accessible from both sides, and has the options of a low roof or a high roof. It is also available with cab suspension. On the Profi and the Profi CVT, the automatic air-conditioning system, an additional sun roller blind for the rear windscreen, the electrically adjustable Multicontroller armrest, a leather-clad steering wheel and a carpet in the cab are available for even greater comfort. There are three seat variants. The Profi is equipped with front axle suspension that provides excellent ride comfort and boosts traction during soil cultivation work.

Controlled power for attachments.
The easy-to-operate PTO management function reduces workload by automatically engaging and disengaging the PTO when the front and rear hydraulics are being raised and lowered. The soft-start controller enables the attachments to be started up gently. Integration of the front-mounted PTO and front hitch at the front of the tractor makes it possible to reduce the distance between front axle and front hitch. The hitch and the auxiliary control units on STEYR Profi models are powered by an OCLS hydraulic system (open oil circuit) or by a CCLS hydraulic system (closed oil circuit) at a displacement rate of 80 to 125 l/min. This system assures full performance at the right time and at the right place. Attachments with their own hydraulic control unit are easy to connect directly to the Power-Beyond plate.

St. Valentin, 12.11. 2017