• 10-NOV-2015

Performance festival at Agritechnica 2015: Innovative premium technology from STEYR for agriculture, forestry and municipal tasks


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STEYR Terrus CVT: New flagship / STEYR CVT 2015 Evolution: Seven models, 150 to 240 hp nominal power rating and Stage IV exhaust emissions standard / Compact Multicontroller: Updates for even more versatility / forestry protection and municipal frame: Solutions for professionals / S-Tech: Precision, efficiency and ease of operation

At this year's Agritechnica, the iconic brand Steyr is exhibiting the strongest and most convincing range of products in the history of the brand. "Justifiably, the red and white Steyr tractors are viewed as a premium brand in the farming sector. Furthermore, they are recognised as specialists for municipal tasks and for forestry operations. The development of what used to be a purely Austrian traditional brand into today's internationally admired European top brand shows that our tractors and products really do connect with our customers. It therefore gives us particular pleasure to further expand our model range, this year with the Terrus CVT: with an innovative tractor that has been designed and built precisely in accordance with the wishes of our customers", reported Andreas Klauser, President of Steyr.

Steyr Terrus CVT: The new flagship

The requirement is for a compact, versatile and powerful in equal measure - and that is just exactly what the Terrus CVT has now proven to be. The new series with two models with power ratings of 270 and 300 hp respectively is the clear answer to the requirements in farming practice in Europe, established through a detailed customer survey. With 6.7 l NEF engines from FPT Industrial and the patented Hi-eSCR only exhaust emissions technology this series delivers serious agility, versatility and performance while at the same time proving to be fuel-efficient and – without additional components such as particle filters and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) – complying  with the Stage IV exhaust emissions standard. "The efficiency of the Terrus CVT has just been confirmed, with a result of 249 g/kWh in the PowerMix Test of the DLG, an independent testing authority", stated Product Marketing Manager Dan Stuart emphatically.

With an excellent power-to-weight ratio, high payload capacity, versatile range of ballast options, standard rear four speed PTO and the optional two speed front PTO - these features describe just a few of the strengths of the Terrus CVT. The new continuously variable transmission with four  mechanical ranges delivers precise control and makes best use of engine power  –in all working situations. Last but not least, the new Terrus CVT cab also offers an ergonomically,comfortable and spacious working environment that does justice to the premium image of Steyr.

STEYR CVT 2015 Evolution (Stage IV): Efficient and environment-friendly

Engine and exhaust emissions technology from FPT Industrial in tractors from Steyr delivers the best possible total package for customers. The equipment features of the Steyr CVT 2015 Evolution series include updated cab with new options for the driver's seat, and the new one-piece front windscreen, as well as the new EasyTronic II advanced headland management system, the reconfigurable electro-hydraulic activation of control valves and other options such as the wide front loader frame, the high-mounted headlights and the lighting kits with LED and HID work lights.

"Here, it is not just the awesome power of the Steyr CVT that makes it such a pleasure to work with. These tractors are also exceptionally efficient and 'clean' with their great fuel economy. They offer our customers an ideal combination of high power and low operating costs. Then, and not to be forgotten: Owners and drivers alike really appreciate the long service intervals of 600 operating hours, on this vehicle as well as on other models from Steyr", stated the responsible product manager, Dan Stuart.

Steyr Kompakt Multicontroller: Master Versatility can now do even more!

Work on board various Steyr models is now even simpler and more comfortable than ever before: The Multicontroller familiar from the Multi series with its familiar design and layout has now also been adopted for the versatile Steyr Kompakt tractors, with power ratings of 75 to 115 hp. "The multifunctional control lever is a USP in this tractor segment", emphasised Slawomir Zaremba, the Product Marketing Manager at Steyr. Everyday work is made so much easier, thanks to Powerclutch, Powershift and control elements for the front and rear-mounted hydraulics, all operated using the Multicontroller, with which the optional electronically controlled front linkage, can also be controlled.

With the electronically controlled front linkage, a sensor detects the ground pressure exerted on implements attached to the front linkage by uneven ground, then raises and lowers the attached implements automatically, maintaining constant pressure in the process. This can, for example during swathing and mowing operations, create better grass quality because less earth finds its way into the silage. In addition, the adaptable contact pressure delivers greater operational reliability, it protects the attached implement and it helps to make the tractor easier to control on sloping ground.

Forestry protection frame 2.0: Comprehensive protection concepts for man and machine

At Agritechnica 2015 Steyr is also offering a made-to-measure 'protective suit' for the Kompakt, for forestry operations. The four-pillar design of forestry protection frame familiar from the Steyr Multi will be the one on show. The forestry protection equipment can be ordered factory-fitted and, with its individually adaptable superstructure, it provides optimum safety for man and machine.

There are three levels of the new forestry protection frame to suit different application conditions. A solid base plate protects the engine, transmission, rear axle and fuel tank in the basic version. The second module comprises side panels that shield the engine and hydraulic assemblies effectively during forestry operations, also from the side. Maximum safety for the driver and effective protection for the cab are assured by the third module, a forestry frame designed as a four-pillar model with reinforced mounting points.

STEYR CVT Stage IV with new municipal frame: One for all!

The new municipal frame 2.0 with EURO III System Adapter, being unveiled at Agritechnica 2015, is now installed in a more rugged and therefore even more capable construction. The 'EURO III' designation indicates the size of the municipal attachment plate, 'System' for the wide range of different versions, such as three different lengths, and 'Adapter' for the standard interface for attachment of commonly used municipal implements to the carrier vehicle, perfectly adapted to suit this tractor.

The Steyr CVT Stage IV with Hi-eSCR being exhibited at Agritechnica sets new 'all-rounder' performance standards for municipal work with this new municipal frame. "This powerful tractor rounds off our comprehensive municipal product range at the top: it now extends from 58 to 240 hp. This equips municipal authorities and their service providers with an exceptionally capable total package that also offers great retained values and optimum practical benefits", stated David Schimpelsberger, the product manager responsible at Steyr for the Municipal & Forestry business.

S-Tech 700: Significant performance bonus

Networking, data interchange and flexible solutions extending right across the brand: these are features that are gaining in significance for precision farming. To make Steyr S-Tech available to third-party products and for older models, to name just two examples, the combination of a new ElectriSteer Universal steering motor and the current S-Tech 700 monitor now offers a precision steering system that is an easy-to-install retrofit solution, one that can be fitted without modifications to the steering column and steering wheel and can be moved from one vehicle to another; Something that clearly offers customers some additional benefits.

"The compatibility with ISO XML and the scope for processing data in Shape File format with the S-Tech 700 monitors is another new brand-building feature of these displays", reported Ulrich Sommer, S-Tech specialist at Steyr. "Not only that, but with the new S-Guide™ steering system it is now possible to negotiate headland turns to precise contours and without the previous system-related 'rounding off' of corners. This assures maximum precision and best possible usage of surface areas. Furthermore: For example, the new displays can colour-code the tracks and lanes, or can assign individual designations to the separate screens. This is evidence, in small but important ways, that user-friendly operation is an important priority for use", stated Sommer emphatically.

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