• 09-SEP-2015

STEYR Kompakt Multicontroller: “Upgrade” for the compact all-rounder



The versatile Steyr Kompakt 75-115hp models are now available with the unique Multicontroller. In addition, all models can also be ordered with 34’’ tires, thus offering even more tractive power for all kinds of tasks in arable and livestock farming. “In order to make the operation of different Steyr tractors easy and comfortable for our customers, we have extended the Multicontroller solution known as Steyr DNA, with the familiar look and shape as on the Steyr Multi series, to the Kompakt range. The new multifunctional handle is a unique feature in this segment”, highlights Slawomir Zaremba, Product Marketing Manager at Steyr.

The Multicontroller makes operation easier thanks to Powerclutch, Powershift, as well as rear & front hitch buttons. “If the Kompakt is equipped with an electronic front hitch control, also lowering and lifting of the front linkage can be handled via this multifunctional handle as it has a specific shift button on the back for swapping between front and rear linkage”, explains Zaremba.

Electronic Front Hitch (EFH)

The axle-mounted Electronic Front Hitch ensures that tasks such as mowing have never been easier. Being equipped with a pressure valve, the EFH controls how much pressure is exerted by front-mounted implements. This enables the driver to adjust the level of contact pressure from the cab. The load sensor of the EFH automatically detects changes in the ground pressure exerted by the implements on uneven ground, and raises or lowers the implements accordingly to keep the pressure constant. When mowing, for example, this results in higher grass quality as there is no soil in the silage, thus in better milk quality, better soil conservation, enhanced steering control and increased comfort for the operator. In addition, the adjustable load on the front axle increases operator safety and makes it easier to steer the tractor on slopes, as drifting sideways can be avoided.

Joystick options

The Steyr Kompakt can be chosen with or without joystick for the 2 mid-mount remote valves; if chosen without, the joystick is replaced by a storage box. “We are very pleased to announce the availability of the Multicontroller on the Kompakt series from this September onwards, including electronic as well as mechanical front hitch versions”, highlights Slawomir Zaremba.

The Steyr Kompakt is a light, highly manoeuvrable and flexible tractor: Equipped with the proven technology of big tractors, the Kompakt Multicontroller provides owners the widest versatility and greatest benefits in farming, forestry, commercial and municipal operations. With the model’s ideal power-to-weight ratio and the latest generation of robust engines with real pulling power and frugal fuel consumption, the Kompakt is ready to meet any challenge. The engine delivers sufficient power for the PTO to perform and complete every step of a given operation rapidly, whilst the Powerclutch of the Kompakt models 4075 to 4115 offers easy operation without the need to use the clutch pedal.

St. Valentin/Hannover, 09.09.2015