• 06-SEP-2017



The STEYR Multi, the most economical tractor in its class, has just become even more efficient. A new turbocharger delivers even more torque at low engine speeds. The improved engine meets all emission standards, even without a diesel particle filter or a diesel oxidation catalytic converter. The new panoramic windscreen with improved windscreen wiper provides even better visibility.

Most efficient in its class.
The engines available for the new STEYR Multi, with their powerful torque ratings, exceptional economy and great reliability, make this tractor the most economical in its class. In the DLG PowerMix test, the STEYR 4120 Multi achieved excellent average fuel consumption of 273 g/kWh. The exhaust after treatment system has been revised and is now easier to maintain. The emission control standards can be met even without a diesel oxidation filter. The new turbocharger enables torque levels to be increased between engine speeds of 1,000 and 1,200 rpm. Drivers of the Multi can therefore call upon full power right from the bottom end of the engine speed range. The new STEYR Multi satisfies the requirements of the forthcoming EU Tractor Mother Regulation.

Unimpaired visibility.
The view to the front in the new STEYR Multi is no longer impaired by cross-members. With the new panoramic windscreen, the driver can keep an eye on everything at all times, ably assisted by the new windscreen wiper, with a 200° wiper range. Rear visibility has been improved with new rear-view mirrors. The Multi is ideally suited for front loader work: All connections for the implements are fitted ex-factory. Each model can be fitted with the 3720 SF front loader, exclusively developed for STEYR. Control via the joystick integrated in the armrest is child’s play.

The Multi is easy to handle.
The new front loader joystick is outstandingly user friendly, and delivers huge improvements to comfort and safety. The armrest can be folded up to enable the driver to leave the vehicle easily from the right-hand side. The controllers for powershift points and the three-stage switch for shuttle performance levels are located on the armrest, between the Multicontroller and the front loader joystick. All models can be ordered 'monitor-ready', which means they can be equipped with ISOBUS II.

Transmission can be easily adjusted to any job.
Thanks to the new automated 4-stage powershift transmission with Power Clutch and 32 x 32 gear ratios, 40 kph at 1,730 rpm is a reality. 13 gear ratios in the main operating range ensure greater efficiency and versatility. The timing of gear changes and shuttle performance levels can be programmed while operation is simple and user-friendly via the Multicontroller armrest. Gear matching of these powershift stages is performed automatically in each mode. With Ecotronik, the shift points in the automatic powershift transmission can be adjusted to take place at shaft speeds of between 1,000 and 2,000 rpm. In Power mode, used for heavy-duty work, the automatic transmission performs upshifts later and downshifts sooner than in Eco mode. Conversely, for light-duty work, Eco mode does exactly the opposite. There is also a middle ground, in that the shift points can be adapted to suit whatever the job in hand might be, at any given time. The four PTO shaft modes have been adapted to suit the engine characteristics curves. PTO shaft speeds of 540 and 1,000 rpm are reached at engine speeds of between 1,800 and 1,900 rpm to use maximum engine power. However, in Eco mode the PTO shaft speeds delivering maximum torque are situated in a more fuelefficient range, at engine speeds of between 1,500 and 1,600 rpm.
Strength with sensitivity.
When it comes to the hydraulics, customers can choose between the axial piston hydraulic pump (CCLS) with a displacement of 80 l/min and up to 5 mechanical control units, or the axial piston hydraulic pump (CCLS) with a displacement of up to 100 l/min, as well as 2 mechanical and up to 4 electronic control units. The front lifting system with electronic controller (EFH) is also available as an option. Using a pressure sensor, the EFH adjusts the front system to suit the terrain. This enhances the quality of work and safety on steep gradients because pressure is maintained on the front axle at all times.

Steyr ECOTRONIK for even greater efficiency.
The Steyr ECOTRONIK achieves a perfect symbiosis of engine, transmission and vehicle operation. Highlights include automatic transmission and reliable engines, delivering robust torque, optimum fuel economy and power ratings of up to 120 hp as well as exceptional pump performance levels, making this tractor a great all-rounder. The oil service interval is 600 hours. Easy to maintain and highly versatile, the new Multi is the first choice of all farmers wishing to enjoy the excellence of STEYR quality standards in a compact format.

St. Valentin, 06.09.2017