• 06-SEP-2017



New improved front axle assures substantially better driving characteristics on the road, and therefore higher safety standards for transport work and when driving to the place of work. The maximum permitted GVWR of the new STEYR CVT is also one ton higher than that of its predecessor. Quick Turn II enables the steering ratio speed to be set. The buttons on the Multicontroller can also be configured to suit individual needs.

A great driving sensation.
For almost 20 years, the STEYR CVT has felt completely at home out in the field. Its capacity for hard work has convinced thousands of farmers who, since 1998, have purchased more than 40,000 CVTs. Now this latest generation also sets new standards out on public roads. This is achieved by a new and improved front axle, one that delivers several practical benefits. Straight-ahead performance has been improved. This, combined with more precise and lighter steering action, enhances ride comfort and makes work with this vehicle much less tiring than before. The front axle suspension works in both directions to enhance the road-holding qualities of the new CVT which enables vibration to be damped more effectively, for example when towing heavy attachments.
There are also some further innovations, on the steering system to name just one example, that help to make this vehicle a true all-rounder. Quick Turn II enables the ratio setting of the steering system to be adjusted - for example 1.5 complete turns of the steering wheel from lock to lock when working with a front loader, or 3 complete turns for road transport work. Quick Turn II can also be programmed for the Easy-Tronic headland management system.

Comfort for the everyday working environment.
A low noise level of just 69 dB(A), ergonomic settings for seat and steering wheel, precision control on the air-conditioning unit and the suspension system all help to make the cab of the new STEYR CVT an even more comfortable workplace. The new CVT now communicates even better with its attached implements. ISOBUS III enables the tractor to be controlled by an attached implement, e.g. for stopping, steering etc. The buttons on the Multicontroller can be configured with the operator's own choice of ISOBUS functions. A new little feature is the precise display of the manual throttle setting on the monitor. Additional new wide-angle rear-view mirrors are fitted to provide good rear visibility. With up to three video cameras (e.g. on the back of a forage wagon or bale press), live images can be monitored on the S-TECH 700 monitor. The control units on the new STEYR CVT have the same colour as the corresponding controls in the cab helping to prevent any confusion. The maximum permitted GVWR has been increased by a whole ton: on models 6150 to 6175 CVT, up to 11.5 tons, and up to 14 tons on models 6185 to 6240 CVT.

Precision farming.
STEYR CVT tractors fitted with S-TECH meet every requirement for precision farming. For example, it is now easy to control ISOBUS II and III*-compatible attachments, to integrate automatic steering systems and this simplifies the operation of CVT tractors. The armrest-integrated S-TECH 700 monitor is easily controlled via a touchscreen which can be mounted on a rail in the right-hand side window. Through automation of all core functions of the tractor, your S-TECH monitor delivers optimum operational procedures and provides you with an overview of the work already completed, fuel consumption levels and much, much more. The headland management system Easy-Tronic II facilitates the automation of operating procedures while increasing the impact and daily performance levels of tractor and driver.

Seamless efficiency.
There are seven models with a power range of between 150 and 240 hp in all. Outstanding gearbox construction ensures excellent performance and provides the range with its name: CVT stands for Continuously Variable Transmission and describes a gearbox with a range of continuously variable ratios. The ECOTECH engine concept and its environmentally friendly Hi-eSCR 6.7 L turbo diesel system with intercooling and Common Rail injection, complying with EU emission stage IV, ensures sustainable profitability. The Power Plus engine management system provides additional boost power during transport, PTO and hydraulic operations. When PowerPlus is enabled, the engine can deliver an extra 45 horsepower. PowerPlus is also available for PTO work when reversing, e.g. with a reversing unit.

Uninterrupted power flow.
Despite these many new features, STEYR has not lost sight of the need to keep operation of its tractors nice and simple. Accelerating can be done across a continuously variable range of ratios, i.e. without the need to perform manual gear changes, from an 'active stationary' position - where the vehicle remains absolutely at a standstill without the brake being applied, even when on a gradient - right up to the top speed, either using the accelerator pedal or optionally using the manual throttle on the armrest: all delivering optimum ride comfort. Today, the classic CVT range includes seven sixcylinder models with power ratings of 150 to 240 hp. However, also in the four-cylinder segment, STEYR customers can enjoy the benefits of continuously variable ride in the three Profi-CVT models, with engine ratings of 110 to 130 hp.

St. Valentin, 06.09.2017