• 13-NOV-2018



A new STEYR Profi CVT model with 6-cylinder engine and 145 HP rated engine is available. Optimum power to weight ratio and exceptional manoeuvrability. Continuously-variable S-CONTROL™ CVT gearbox with double-clutch technology and S-TRONIC. Maximum versatility with an optional front linkage and front PTO, and with front loader on request 

The STEYR Profi CVT not only features proven efficiency and versatility, but also a new 6-cylinder engine – the most compact 6-cylinder on the market. The new model is also fitted with an ECOTECH engine with turbocharger, intercooler, Hi-eSCR technology and Power Plus engine power management, and has a rated horsepower of 145 HP. The compact engines have an optimum power to weight ratio. With a wheelbase of 2642 mm and a turning circle of just 4.6 metres with the suspended front axle, the Profi CVT provides outstanding manoeuvrability – a big plus if you need to work in confined spaces with the optional front loader. The Profi CVT is also a favourite of the horticultural and landscaping sector.
Power transmission: Continuously-variable, efficient, cost-effective
With the continuously-variable S-CONTROL™ CVT gearbox, the intelligent interaction of hydraulic and mechanical components ensure maximum cost savings, without compromising on power. This robust transmission unit with double-clutch technology delivers exceptional power transmission without any interruption to traction. It also offers outstanding acceleration. S-TRONIC controls the gearbox ratio and engine speed according to power requirements, and therefore automatically reduces fuel consumption if optimal use is made of engine power. The active standstill control continues to give the Profi CVT a decisive edge when it comes to safety: The control reliably brings the tractor to a stop on slopes and gradients without activating the brake, so allowing it to move away again without the clutch. 
Versatile both at the front and rear

With the three-point linkage in the rear, four electronic rear control units and three central control units, as well as the configuration available on request which includes front linkage, front PTO and front loader, the Profi CVT models are hugely versatile and powerful. Quick Turn and Power Shuttle also make manoeuvring easy when used with the front loader. The standard front axle suspension, designed for heavy loads, provides excellent ride comfort and safety off-road as well as on-road.
The comfort cab configuration caters for every need
Thanks to accessibility from both sides, air conditioning system, electrically adjustable multi-controller armrest, the very low sound level of 69 db(A) and outstanding all-round view including sun roof, the 4-pillar panorama cab offers the ideal environment in which to easily handle those long, demanding working days. An electronic parking brake prevents the STEYR Profi CVT from rolling away after leaving the operator’s seat, and the factory-installed configuration with the S-TECH package with S-TECH monitor including touchscreen, ISOBUS II, ISOBUS III, S-Guide and S-Turn ensures that all work can be done with the necessary precision, and the required degree of automation and operator relief.

St. Valentin, 13 November 2018