• 22-JUN-2013

New developments for municipality markets at STEYR@home 2013



Multi-talented tractors suit a multitude of tasks

Premiere for the new Steyr Multi in municipality configuration / Integrated municipal frame for added safety and flexibility / New Steyr Kompakt: the compact all-rounder for farm yard work, loader tasks, horticultural operations and turf care

Multifunctional tractors to take on almost every task in municipal operations, landscaping and horticulture – that summarises the thinking behind two new utility/municipality tractor ranges from Steyr, to be launched at STEYR@home 2013.

Innovative configuration is the power behind the Steyr Multi Municipal

With the new Multi, Steyr offers a utility tractor tailor-made to meet the modern requirements of municipalities, road maintenance concerns, horticulture and landscaping enterprises. The Multi makes its market debut in municipal configuration at STEYR@home 2013.

The new Steyr Multi is powered by the latest engine technology, with a 3.4 litre FPT common rail motor with exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and diesel particulate filter (DPF) at its heart, delivering more power with markedly lower fuel consumption. With an enormous torque rating of up to 461 Nm, the Multi has enough power to handle high-performance front- and rear-mounted implements.

High-tech also characterises the Multi’s drive technology. The transmission has been developed in a joint project between Steyr engineers in St. Valentin and the transmission company ZF, and features numerous innovations that allow optimum combinations of forward speed and engine rpm to match the tasks in hand. Power is delivered to the wheels via a standard 32 x 32 transmission with four-speed powershift and powershuttle, complemented by a part-time four-wheel drive system with electro-hydraulic differential lock.

The new four-speed powershift with 40 km/h ‘Eco’ top speed has been specifically developed for the tough operating conditions the Multi is built for, and is offered with powerclutch and powershuttle. On the road, the ‘Eco’ feature helps achieve considerable fuel savings, with 40 km/h achievable at an engine speed as low as 1730 rpm.

On down the driveline is a four-speed pto, which also includes an Eco speed feature. This allows for powerful yet fuel-efficient operation of pto-driven equipment under all operating conditions. Hydraulic demands, meanwhile, are met by standard open- or optional closed-centre load-sensing pumps.

Modern design with practical implications

One of the distinguishing features of the Steyr Multi is its cabin, a completely new, premium development distinguished by its innovative roof construction. Directly adjacent to the windscreen, a standard roof window is harmoniously integrated into the cabin roof, offering optimum visibility when working with a loader.

Cab instrumentation has been thoughtfully arranged according to new ergonomic research, with controls for heating, ventilation, lighting and radio now integrated in the B-column to the right. Controls for all major tractor functions are placed on the right hand control panel. The result is an optimum working environment for the operator, who can easily keep an eye on all important information.

The distinctive Multicontroller, well proven in larger Steyr tractors, also features in the Multi. It provides comfortable operation and control of all major tractor functions, including the rear hitch, powershuttle and powerclutch, as well as electronic remote valves.

The front hitch area has also been redesigned, with the front linkage and pto now integrated harmoniously into the tractor. The slim engine construction, central driveline and a steering angle of 55 degrees make for excellent driving characteristics and a turning radius of just 4.05 metres.

The Steyr Multi Municipal is fitted with a municipal frame, which is fully integrated in the tractor design. This version of the tractor presents an ideal solution for the challenging tasks of all-season operations.

Made in Austria

The design and development process for the new Steyr Multi has taken place in-house at Steyr’s Austrian Development Centre in St. Valentin, where serial production and training will also be hosted. For the market launch, the Multi series will consist of the 99hp 4095 Multi and the 114hp 4115 Multi.

The new Steyr Kompakt: The versatile 86 to 107 hp municipality tractor

The Steyr Kompakt, which also makes its debut at STEYR@home 2013, is a new, economical and highly versatile municipality tractor. Equipped with a newly developed and very fuel-efficient FPT 3.4 litre common rail diesel engine with turbocharger, it is offered in models of 85, 95 and 105 hp, and for the first time introduces technology, comfort and economy from larger Steyr tractors to the compact class.

In addition, the new Steyr Kompakt comes with a cab that is a completely new development, setting benchmarks in terms of comfort, ergonomics and surround vision, and with a completely flat floor. A new roof window has been integrated directly adjacent to the windscreen, allowing for optimum visibility during loader operation and producing a well-lit, comfortable workplace.

Efficient drive technology

The new Steyr Kompakt ecotech series is available with a choice of transmissions. The standard version is a 12 x 12 mechanical, while options include a 12 x 12 with powershuttle and a 24 x 24 with two-speed powershift and powerclutch or powershuttle only. A creeper option is also available.

Numerous innovations and features previously offered only on larger Steyr tractors are now standard in this power class with the introduction of the new Steyr Kompakt. These include new and benchmark-setting engines with active exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), catalyser and diesel particulate filter (DPF), in addition to optimised drives for efficient power transmission, as well as powershuttle and roof window features which make the new Kompakt ecotech ideally suited for front loader operations.

A markedly improved power to weight ratio, increased rear linkage lifting power and a high-capacity pto make for efficient and economic performance, helping the new Kompakt ecotech set new standards in terms of versatility, comfort and technology.

At under 2600 mm on 30 inch tyres, the Steyr Kompakt ecotech is an ideal tractor for operations in buildings, below bridges or in other height-restricted areas. A total weight of 3,700 kg and a turning radius of only four metres means the tractor is ideal for working where minimising ground damage is a priority and/or manoeuvrability is important. Thanks to heavy-duty front and rear axles, though, the Kompakt can be operated with a maximum total weight of 6,000 kg.

Cab design makes use of the latest ergonomic research, and the result encompasses everything from a broad, easy-to-access entrance to the placing of all important controls on the right hand side of the cabin, where they fall easily to hand. To the left, a full comfort passenger seat is standard, while an innovative ventilation and air conditioning system provide the ideal operator climate whatever the weather. Air outlets are placed in such a way that there are no draughts from above to disturb the driver.

Further cab design highlights include a window integrated into the front part of the roof. It is made of a toughened material that means no protective grid is needed, making for an unimpeded view of front loader operation. For night work, vision is aided by powerful new working lights, which are integrated into the cab roof.

At the rear of the tractor, an additional external cylinder means lift capacity of the rear hitch has been increased to a maximum of 3,500 kg. Options for the Kompakt include part time four-wheel drive with electro-hydraulic differential lock, and front axle brakes.

For the new Steyr Kompakt an extensive municipality package is available. As for larger models, the Kompakt can be equipped with the Steyr municipal frame for professional use.

Steyr municipal frame – optimum equipment for heavy-duty operations

For tractors in municipal operations, the front hitch is now one of the most important working areas. In response to the continued increase in implement sizes, capacities and weights, and the torsional forces they create, Steyr has developed the next generation of the well-proven municipal frame, which allows for quick mounting of front implements. A standardised quick adaptor plate is the centre-piece of the system, and is interchangeable with a front lift linkage. As a result, front-mounted implements can be attached safely and quickly.

For the first time, side-rails are now used on the Steyr municipal frame, to improve its ruggedness and increase torsion resistance. A new central beam improves stability and resistance to buckling and torsion. The result is a tractor that can safely handle the heaviest implements. To match, rear axle support has been boosted to prevent overloads on the front axle mounts.

A reinforcement plate to the front of the tractor and reinforced connection with the central beam have been designed to allow the tractor to handle snow ploughs, snow blowers and embankment mowers with ease.

“Snow blowers or snow blades with large working widths place high torsional forces on a tractor,” says David Schimpelsberger, Product Marketing Manager, Municipality and Forestry.

“The same is true of long-reach embankment mowers. These implements are important in the municipality sector, and that’s why we have put a lot of work into developing a tractor built to cope.

“Depending on the model, the municipal frame will handle torsional forces of up to 52 KN/m without problem.”

In addition, new adjustment-ridges are used allowing an easy adjustment of the municipal plate. As an option, a new heavy-duty frame is available for operations where high lateral forces are encountered, such as with long-reach embankment mowers.

The municipal frame is available as standard fitting on all Steyr municipality tractors up from Model Kompakt 4085 to CVT 6230, but can also be retro-fitted.

St. Valentin, 22/06/2013