• 21-FEB-2018

STEYR Makes a Special Effort for Unlucky Czech Farmer


STEYR Makes a Special Effort for Unlucky Czech Farmer
When the Pařil family looked for a new tractor for their organic mixed farm in the Czech Drahanské highlands, only one manufacturer could meet their unusual requirement. This was that the tractor had to have a control joystick on the left.

Shortly beforehand, Marek Pařil, the farm owner’s son, had lost his right arm in a tragic accident. “The injury made it absolutely impossible for Marek to work with a tractor, and so our requirement was simple: whoever could supply a tractor enabling Marek to work again even with his handicap would win,” said Antonín Pařil. Thanks to the considerable efforts of Stanislav Sychra, regional STEYR salesman at Navos Farm Technic, a special PROFI 4130 with continuous variable transmission arrived at the farm.

‘We chose a PROFI series tractor because we wanted a versatile tractor for the farm that could be used for tillage, soil cultivation and seeding but also for mowing and harvesting the grassland. This and its performance made the PROFI 4130 CVT an ideal fit in our fleet. Ease of operation also played a large role in our choice, and so we chose a tractor with CVT transmission, which is simple to operate and has a number of safety features,” added Antonín.

The adaptation was done by STEYR’s long-term partner Kneidinger1880 in Altenfelden, around 60 kilometres from STEYR’s factory in St Valentin. The company has been producing reverse drive conversions for them since 1998, and so are very familiar with STEYR cabs and their mechanical and electrical layouts. “For the conversion we built a special holder for the armrest,” says Hermann Höfler, Managing Director at Kneidinger1880, “and we had to modify the original seatplate. We also fitted the wire harness from our reverse drive solution, and repositioned the PTO switches.”

Back on the Pařil farm, the PROFI is put to work with a rear disc mower, three-metre seeder, or four-furrow plough. The farm grows wheat, barley, potatoes, beets and herbs organically on about

60 hectares of agricultural land. Some of this is grassland, which is used for hay and silage for their Merino sheep, goats, and Jersey and Limousine beef cattle.

“For us, our PROFI is not merely a machine, it is more like a member of our family. We chose the tractor we wanted even though no one in the area had any experience with the make. We were not worried about the change. We are happy to be different - and we did well. We appreciate what the STEYR team have done for us,’ agreed the family.

St. Valentin, 21.02.2018