• 14-MAY-2018

STEYR Municipal tractors, technology at the highest level on the Grossglockner.


The Großglockner High Alpine Road is a highlight of any visit to Austria. But if you want to drive up it, you’ll have to wait until the major snow clearance work in May. The perfect terrain for STEYR to showcase the outstanding performance of STEYR municipal tractors from 56 to 300 HP.

This is where legends are born.
Climbing to 2,500 m above sea level, the Grossglockner High Alpine Road winds its way through the highest mountains in Austria. The landscape repeatedly opens up to give you views of the country’s highest mountain at 3,798 m. No wonder then that the pass, which was opened in 1935, was a tourist magnet from the start. Today, it is one of the country’s top 3 attractions. The 48 km long pass with its 36 hairpin bends explores the heart of the largest national park in Austria, its 1,800 km² stretching across the provinces of Salzburg, Tyrol and Carinthia. Cycling legends are born here, and the technology must also deliver legendary performances. Snow drifts of more than 10 metres are not unusual, the record being 21 metres in 1953. Since 1954, specially-designed Rotary Snow Blowers cut through the mountains of snow in spring to be able clear the road in May. Every year, STEYR Tractors support the snow clearance effort on the Grossglockner with snow blowers and tractors.

The right choice for any job.
At the STEYR municipal event in the third week of May, STEYR Terrus 6300 will use all of its 313 HP to slice through metre-high snow drifts with the plough. The requirements for each municipality differ widely, as conditions in the alpine terrain also vary. Tractors must be ready for use the whole year round, and score highly as versatile, efficient implement carriers – the new STEYR municipal tractors meet these demands and offer customised machines for any application.

The new S-Control-8 gearbox in the STEYR Profi which took the title of “Machine of the Year 2018”, offers ground-breaking gearbox functions with unparalleled efficiency. The new STEYR Kompakt HD series with reinforced axles makes the smallest STEYR tractors fit for even the heaviest work for municipalities. All STEYR municipal tractors, from 56 to 300 HP, combine the standard municipal frame with the EURO III system adapter, with which you can quickly and easily switch between tools.

St. Valentin, 14.05. 2018