• 13-NOV-2018



The NOx emissions are reduced by around 95% and Stage V achieved thanks to 13 FPT-owned patents without design modifications to the engine. Low consumption and extended service intervals when it comes to engine and gearbox oil ensure lower overall running costs. With S-Turn II, STEYR S-Brake and S-Fleet Telematics, STEYR is using the introduction of Stage V on the Terrus CVT models for key product updates.
For the STEYR Terrus CVT series with the three models 6300 CVT, 6270 CVT and 6250 CVT, it’s all systems go for the Euro Stage V emissions standard which applies to new tractors as of 1 January 2019. Thanks to a reduction in nitrogen emissions by 95% and the considerable reduction in particle mass and numbers, these tractors more than meet the requirements. The huge reduction in emissions based on 13 patents owned by engine manufacturer FPT Industrial, is achieved without design modifications to the tried and tested engines, and integrated without apparent changes to existing solutions.
At the same time, the service interval for engine oil in the new Terrus CVT Stage V tractors is extended to 750 hours. Gearbox oil change intervals have been once again extended to 1,500 hours. “The new Terrus CVT models not only stand out thanks to their drastically reduced emissions, their low maintenance requirement and lower overall running costs, but also thanks to a range of key product updates,” reports Hans-Werner Eder, head of Product Marketing EMEA.
Better productivity, comfort and safety
With S-Turn II, the new STEYR Terrus CVT provides the option of effectively combining the familiar Easytronic II and S-Turn. The new S-Turn II combines automatic steering on headlands with the functions of headland management, therefore providing for fully-automated, easy-to-perform turns. This takes the strain off the operator during a hard day’s work on the farm. Improved performance, efficiency and precision, user-friendliness and more effective soil protection on headlands are the key selling points of the new S-Turn II.
STEYR S-Brake gives an additional edge to the new Terrus CVT models when it comes to safety: The patented system ensures that combinations of tractor and trailer remain stable even when speed is reduced via the driving pedal or propulsion handle. In these cases, it may happen that the trailer runs into the tractor, or in a worst case scenario, destabilises and jack-knifes the combination. This is just what the new STEYR S-Brake trailer braking system aims to prevent: The trailer is slowed with its own foot brake so that tractor and trailer slow at the same time and the whole combination remains stable.
In dealerships from Q2 2019
The legal requirements provide for transition periods to the end of 2020, but the new models 6300, 6270, and 6250 Terrus CVT Stage V are ready to go in STEYR dealers from Q2 2019. At the same time, STEYR is launching S-Fleet Telematics as standard equipment in the new Terrus CVT models. 

St. Valentin, 13.11.2018