• 26-JUL-2019



Versatile power pack / Most compact 6-cylinder on the market / Outstanding manoeuvrability and optimum power to weight ratio / New improved S-CONTROL 8™ powershift transmission / S-Stop II for precise and easy front loader operation / Front linkage and PTO as option, optional front loader

With the introduction of the Profi 6-cylinder and its new, improved 8-stage powershift transmission, STEYR completes the renowned Profi range. Already highly appreciated for its proven versatility and efficiency, this range now also includes a tractor with a remarkable 6-cylinder engine: The 6.7 l FPT-ECOTECH common-rail diesel engine with turbocharger, intercooler, HI-eSCR exhaust technology and Power Plus engine power management delivers a rated power of 145 horsepower, a maximum power of 158 hp, and with Power Plus even up to 175 hp. The frugal FPT engine offers an optimum power to weight ratio. In combination with its outstanding manoeuvrability, the Profi 6-cylinder with S-CONTROL 8™ thus ensures maximum versatility for all kinds of demanding operations in agriculture, the horticultural and landscaping sector, as well as forestry and municipalities.

S-Control 8™: Efficiency champion

STEYR engineers fitted the Profi 6-cylinder with a new, improved 8-stage powershift transmission, the most efficient in its class. The S-CONTROL™ gearbox features a total of 24 gears across three groups for both forward and backward operation and includes a range of automatic functions which make the tractor more efficient and also greatly improve operator comfort. The large group overlap means that there is seldom any need to change the group while working. Group B for example can be used from 4.3 to 18.1 kph without interrupting traction, and is ideal for most operations in the field, on pasture, and during front loader operations.

The unique features of the S-CONTROL 8™ transmission include an accelerator pedal with kick-down function for situations when maximum power is needed quickly, as may happen during transport operations on steep roads. A Power Shuttle prevents drive losses during direction changes off-road, and S-Stop II makes stopping at road junctions and during front loader operations a great deal easier: When stopping at junctions or stacking bales, for example, S-Stop II automatically takes care of the clutch whenever the brake is applied. The tractor will gently start moving forward again as soon as the brake is released. This feature enables drivers to accurately and comfortably operate the tractor within centimetres.

Productivity and versatility are paramount

With three-point linkage and four electronic spool valves at the rear, three mid-mounted spool valves and upon request also front linkage, front PTO and front loader, the STEYR Profi 6-cylinder with S-CONTROL 8™ is a highly productive and versatile partner for all kinds of operations. Quick turn and Power Shuttle ensure maximum ease and comfort when operating with a front loader and or in narrow areas.

The highly comfortable cab allows access from both sides and features an air conditioning system, the electrically adjustable multi-controller armrest, a relaxingly low noise level of just 69 db(A) and an outstanding all-round view including sun roof. This cab thus offers the ideal environment for long and productive working days. Thanks to the factory-installed configuration with the S-TECH touchscreen monitor, ISOBUS II, ISOBUS III, S-Guide and S-Turn, the STEYR Profi 6-cylinder ensures that all work can equally be done with ease, precision, and maximum automation. In addition to the comfort of the cab, also the heavy duty front axle suspension provides excellent ride comfort and safety both in the field and on the road.

St. Valentin, 26 July 2019