• 27-NOV-2018



Patented S-Brake trailer braking system picks up the Gold Innovation Award at Austro Agrar Tulln. Innovative feature helps to stabilize tractor-trailer combinations when decelerating via engine and gearbox. Initially available for STEYR 6185–6240 CVT models/ extended to other models from 2019
The recently launched STEYR S-BRAKE trailer braking system was presented with the Gold Innovation Award at Austro Agrar Tulln, the leading Austrian trade show for agricultural technology. The jury singled out the innovative safety features which prevents dangerous driving situations. 
To date, trailers tend to become unstable when tractor – trailer combinations are decelerated by releasing the drive pedal or multicontroller handle. This can happen on the roads or in the fields, especially when there are unfavourable surface conditions. 
The patented STEYR S–Brake system now ensures that trailed vehicles are slowed by their own service brake when the tractor is decelerated in this way, and that the combinations are stabilised.
A real boost to safety
As soon as S-Brake is activated, a green trailer symbol will appear on the tractor´s gear display and the system will monitor and detect the current driving situation: If the operator reduces the tractor’s speed via the multicontroller or the driving pedal, the system will calculate the brake power required to decelerate the trailer. To do this, the torque, calculated by a sensor on the gearbox input, and the engine control unit data are both actively analysed. The deceleration of tractor and trailer is reconciled by applying the relevant brake power on the trailed vehicle. 
The activated system engages up to a speed of 35 km/h. This upper limit allows the operator to adjust the speed in traffic without applying the trailer’s brake. If S-Brake is used extensively, the operator is informed both visually and by an acoustic alarm. Otherwise, the brake will just pulse and will pause briefly after every five seconds. This is a reliable way of preventing overheating and any sluggish braking which may result.
Option to improve safety – can also be retrofitted
STEYR S–Brake is available right now as an option for new vehicles in the STEYR 6185 to 6240 CVT range which are fitted with an air brake system. The cost of this option is €436. However, all STEYR 6185 to 6240 CVT models which currently comply with the European Tractor Mother Regulation can be fitted with S-Brake. From the start of 2019, the system will also be available as an option on other STEYR CVT models. 
“Our new patented STEYR S–Brake provides us with a genuine unique selling point. The system ensures better safety, but also allows the operator to enjoy a stress-free ride, even in difficult conditions. We are extremely pleased to accept the Gold Innovation Award from the jury at Austro Agrar Tulln,” says Hans-Werner Eder, Product Marketing Manager STEYR.
St. Valentin, 21.11.2018