• 26-JUL-2019

The STEYR Expert CVT – enhanced premium comfort and equipment in the compact class


Innovative compact tractor in the 100 to 130 hp segment / STEYR S-Control CVT transmission is the centrepiece of the Expert CVT series / Now available with newly developed panorama roof and Multicontroller II armrest / Powerful tractor in a compact format with premium comfort / Ideal all-rounder for arable farming, grassland operations, forestry and municipal work

The Expert CVT extends the STEYR tractor range in the 100 to 130 hp performance segment. It embraces an S-Control CVT transmission with the latest double-clutch technology (DKT). The Stage-V engine with HI-eSCR2, a high-performance CCLS hydraulic pump, optional front axle and cabin suspension, as well as a spacious cab and numerous equipment options, are just some of the compelling features.

Recent additions to the comfortable and spacious cab include a high-visibility roof window and a large one-piece front windscreen. The new Multicontroller II armrest and instrumentation neatly integrated in the A-pillar are also available to order.

“STEYR has chosen the Expert CVT as the launchpad in the 100+ hp segment for its proven S-Control CVT transmission and S-Tronic system. It is a perfect proposition for operators looking for a high-performance tractor in a very compact format,” says David Schimpelsberger, who oversees the STEYR Expert CVT series.

Continuously variable transmission and Stage-V engines

The STEYR Expert CVT series comprises four models: the 100 hp 4100 Expert CVT, the 110 hp 4110 Expert CVT, the 120 hp 4120 Expert CVT, and the 130 hp 4130 Expert CVT. In each case, the available maximum power output is actually 10 hp higher. The proven 4.5 l four-cylinder engines from FPT Industrial are used here – thanks to HI-eSCR2, they easily meet the requirements of exhaust emission level V. The complete exhaust technology is located under the bonnet, which allows not only a compact design and excellent manoeuvrability, but also enhanced visibility between the axles.

Although it belongs to the compact class, the STEYR Expert CVT embraces continuously variable drive technology. Developed entirely in-house, the S-Control CVT transmission is user-friendly and offers excellent power delivery, high fuel efficiency and good versatility. At the heart of the new Expert CVT series, it offers continuously variable acceleration from a standstill to a top speed of 43 km/h. Thanks to Eco functionality, this travel speed is reached with the engine running at a reduced speed of 1,700 rpm.

The S-Control CVT transmission and active stationary control, which forms part of the standard package, make working with the Expert CVT a safe and enjoyable experience. Double-clutch technology allows shifts between the two mechanical speed ranges without the tractor being brought to a standstill. In practice, this offers the efficiency benefit of transmitting as much power as possible mechanically. The Power Shuttle also enhances safety while shifting from forward to reverse travel because traction is uninterrupted at all times.

Comfort and performance in a premium format

The new premium tractor brings the features and comfort of the large STEYR models to the compact class. Customers can now choose between two types of control – the Multicontroller armrest that is already installed in its larger cousins, or the entirely newly developed Multicontroller II armrest, which provides additional functions in a neatly integrated format. The operator concept gives complete control of all tractor functions by way of one-touch buttons. The rear and mid-mount valves, including the front loader and front hydraulics, are conveniently controlled with the joystick integrated in the armrest. Using the S-Tech touchscreen monitor, operators can easily and conveniently assign hydraulic and vehicle functions to the Multicontroller II as they wish. This allows operation of the new Expert CVT to be individualised and perfectly adapted to different work assignments.

For the pan-European market launch, the Expert CVT has been rigged with a new roof. It has a large panorama window and a very narrow roof rail. The new design affords perfect and unrestricted visibility for forward and rear working, and offers significant benefits when operating the front loader or undertaking forestry work.

The suspended cab gives the compact class an extraordinarily generous feeling of space and, thanks to the 4-pillar design, offers a perfect all-round view. Optional front axle suspension further enhances operator comfort. A selection of seating, including a deluxe leather variant, is also available

Outstanding versatility is ensured by optional built-in mounts for a front loader, the optional front hitch and front PTO, and a 7 and 3-pole socket outlet and power socket outlet. The front hitch and front PTO are fully integrated into the front axle carrier frame in the interests of neat design and maximum clarity.

The Expert CVT’s high-capacity 110 l/min CCLS hydraulic pump allows the tractor to operate efficiently with the front loader or other implements that impose rigorous demands on the hydraulic system. Two mechanical remote valves at the rear are standard, and two mechanical or electrical remotes can be added if required. Furthermore, three mid-mount control valves for the front hydraulics or a front loader are available to order. These are controlled easily and conveniently with the electronic joystick in the armrest.

Everything under control with S-TECH

The STEYR Expert CVT can be factory-fitted with a complete S-Tech package, comprising the S-Guide with RTK+, which offers operators maximum precision and a pass-to-pass accuracy of 1.5 centimetres. The Easy-Tronic II headland management system is designed to reduce the operator’s workload as much as possible when turning at the end of a field and in many other control situations. Each step can be programmed according to time or distance and then retrieved automatically.

ISOBUS III allows the tractor to communicate with the implement. This enables the implement to control the tractor’s hitch, PTO, control valves, and travel speed. The benefits include optimum implement and tractor operating efficiency, alongside a reduction in workload and support for the operator.

The S-TECH 700 touchscreen monitor provides all the convenience of fingertip control and ensures the best possible data and system compatibility with precision farming applications.

New STEYR Euro III system adapter for municipal operations

The Expert CVT is the platform chosen by STEYR to unveil the latest generation of the integrated municipal frame with Euro III system adapter. The Euro III designation indicates the 630 mm dimension of the adapter plate. A variety of attachment plates with three different lengths can be fitted to facilitate every kind of municipal work. The assured torsional moment has been approved for operating booms with large working widths. A front hydraulic system is also available as an option.

More information about STEYR tractors is available on the internet at www.steyr-traktoren.com.

St. Valentin, 26 July 2019