• 04-FEB-2015

Perfectly equipped: Case wheel loader 521F with waste-handler equipment package for metal recycling at AGN Aluminium



AGN Aluminium GmbH, based in Nachrodt, is one of the most modern smelting works in Europe. It produces a volume of some 80,000 tonnes per year of aluminium studs in a continuous casting process.

Since 2013 a Case 621F wheel loader has been responsible for the transport of the metal scrap required for the process. Just prior to Christmas it was joined by a new 521F. Stefan Walter from technical purchasing at AGN played a key role in the acquisition of the 521F, and also formulated the special requirements for the machine: “We were looking for a powerful and reliable replacement for an older competitor’s machine, and had already had a very positive experience with our 621F. The new machine is not only intended for yard operations, transporting and piling the aluminium scrap, but also for indoor transport in the factory halls, which also includes loading the charging system. For this reason the somewhat more compact 521F was exactly the right choice in terms of size. In addition to its fuel economy and fast work cycles, the final decision in favour of the Case was on account of its excellent all-round vision from the cab. However we also had a number of additional requirements for the equipment in terms of safety and operating comfort.”

Case customer advisor Jörg Melisch adds: “Thanks to their experience with the 621F and various other manufacturers’ models, the people at AGN knew exactly what their new machine should look like. Alongside power and efficiency, they put particular emphasis on safety, driving comfort and good visibility. So we put together a complete offer on the basis of our waste handler equipment package in order to produce an optimal configuration for AGN.”

Firstly, the package incorporates a special bucket with bolt-on edges and a capacity of 3.5 m3. Also essential for recycling operations in scrap metal were a safety guard for the front window, a cylinder guard and a cover for the articulation. On the other hand the front and rear mudguards were omitted, as these would be of limited use in such operating conditions. To increase tyre life and prevent damage from sharp-edged scrap, the 521F was fitted with a set of foam-filled L5 tyres.

A distinctive feature is the specially-manufactured crash guard at the rear of the machine, which was developed in collaboration with the customer. The massive protector also incorporates a rear-view camera to provide an undistorted view to the back of the machine. Due to this additional structure at the rear, however, the fuel filler neck was no longer accessible in the normal way and the technicians at the Unna office had to find another solution in the form of an additional filler flap at the side, which is now located over the AdBlue tank.

Extra convenience is provided by a mobile weighing system from Pfreundt which enables the driver to determine the quantity currently being transported at any time from his seat without interrupting the work. This saves considerable time, especially when loading the charging system.

For Jörg Melisch, the 521F was a worthwhile challenge: “With this machine we were able to show that, with our new machines and equipment packages, we can also successfully offer solutions that are tailored to meet our customers’ special requirements. And naturally we are also rather proud that in the end we were able to win against five big-name competitors.”

​Turin, 4 February 2015