• 25-FEB-2013

Farmall from Case IH – The economical all-rounders in the 55-115 hp segment



Case IH expands its tractor offering in the 55 to 115 hp range / Revival of the legendary ‘Farmall’ brand / Strong all-round tractors with powerful yet economical engines / Host of features, options and specifications to tailor tractors to their tasks

With the launch of new Farmall U, Farmall C and Farmall A series tractors, the Farmall name, deeply rooted in the history of Case IH returns to the forefront of farming. Ninety years after the launch of the first Farmalls, a success around the globe on account of their reliability and versatility, Case IH is relaunching the famous brand on a line of tractors which have those exact same qualities. 

Farmall U – The 100 hp bracket all-rounder

The Farmall U Series is a completely new development, and has been designed from the start as an all-round and cultivation tractor. In addition to a new design, the Farmall U series features a completely new 3.4 litre common rail engine, incorporating a wastegate turbocharger and intercooler and an external EGR system. There is a choice of 95, 105 and 115 hp models.

In order for the new Farmall U EP to meet future Stage 4 emissions standards, Case IH employs external exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and diesel particulate filter (DPF) post treatment system.

Transmissions can be tailored according to the intended use of the tractor, with a 12 x 12 powershuttle as standard, and an optional 24 x 24 powershuttle with two-stage powershift for more driving comfort.
In addition, a 20 x 20 powershuttle with creep speed is an option.

Powerful back end

There are further improvements and performance enhancements at the rear. Maximum lift capacity of the electronically-controlled linkage is up to 5,400 kg, with fingertip operation of all key functions, including float, transport lock and maximum hitch height.

New: Convenient front hydraulics

The front end of the Farmall U tractors has also been completely revised, and for the first time in this power bracket Case IH makes available a front hitch. Steering and linkage performance are improved and the load on the front axle is minimised by locating the hitch as close as possible to it. A front PTO is optional.

Farmall C – The stock farmer’s friend

The Farmall C is a completely new series spanning the 55 to 75 hp range, designed for use in livestock farming, specialist crop work such as vegetable production and other tasks where its compactness and light weight are a bonus. It features impressive manoeuvrability, an outstanding power-to-weight ratio and strong hydraulic performance, plus superb all-round vision to the key working areas.

Agile modern engines

The new Farmall C is available in the 55-75 hp band, with three models of 55, 65 and 75 hp Powered by a 3.2 litre four-cylinder engine from FPT (Fiat Powertrain Technologies), which combines with the tractors’ compact form to produce a favourable power to weight ratio and a turning circle of only 3.80 metres.

There is a choice of a 12x12 gear synchromesh transmission or a 20x20 creep speed transmission, both of which have mechanical shuttle as standard with a powershuttle option. Top speed is 40 km/hr, while a creep option allows speeds down to 123 metres/hr.

New cab concept

In the development of the new Farmall C series, Case IH engineers focused on maximum driver comfort and ergonomics. For the first time, the Farmall C is fitted with a flat-deck cab, providing a completely flat floor throughout the cab area. The innovative construction of the cab roof with an integrated loader visibility window permits optimum control of the front loader working area.

Case IH presents a new all-rounder

Farmall A – More universal, more agile, more efficient

With the new 65-113 hp six-model Farmall A series, Case IH offers greater flexibility and a wider choice in this popular power sector.

The Farmall A is about economy and efficiency, with tractors that feature powerful engines and are particularly agile, on account of their compact form, excellent manoeuvrability and convenient operation.

At the heart of the Farmall A Series are modern, three and four cylinder turbocharged FPT engines, fitted with exhaust gas recirculation systems to meet current emission standards. Robust and compact, their characteristics include a high torque rise, meaning fewer gear shifts and high efficiency, plus a low specific fuel consumption.

A wide range of transmissions are available, including a standard 12x4 constant mesh, a 12x12 synchromesh or a 12x12 powershuttle, the latter particularly suited to loader work.

Farmall A – The new comfort zone

Driver comfort has been at the core of the design of the new Farmall A series, and while these are relatively small tractors, their operator accommodation is anything but. Spacious cabins with convenient access, they also offer improved comfort through the grouping of important operating controls to the operator’s right.

A highlight of the cab design is a loader visibility window built directly into the roof, which helps with high work. For night work, new, powerful headlights are integrated into the cab roof.

Impressive manoeuvrability

An improved 60 degree steering lock for the four-wheel drive axle means turning radius is just 5.10 metres. Coupled with the tractors’ compact build, this aids manoeuvring around yards or crop row ends.


Farmall – a legend returns “For Every Farm Task”

The original Farmall has its roots in the midst of the boom period of agricultural mechanisation, in the early 20th century. Shortly after the First World War, the leading agricultural engineers at the International Harvester Company (IHC) began the development of a lightweight tractor that was versatile enough to fulfil all farm jobs. In 1923, the first Farmall rolled off the production line in the USA.
After its introduction, it did not take long for the new tractor concept to catch on, and US farmers particularly appreciated the flexible operating possibilities that it offered for the first time.

Easier, faster fieldwork.

The Farmall’s lightweight construction made it possible to carry out fieldwork in more timely fashion, even when ground conditions were not so favourable. Wheels could be simply adapted for different crops, and implements could be attached very easily. In addition, the Farmall’s operating costs were very low and its purchase price was very attractive.

Modern design

Shortly before the Second World War, IH introduced an entirely new series of Farmall tractors, with completely new and modern styling developed by famous designer Raymond Loewy. Even today, Loewy’s Farmall designs are well known and regarded. In the course of its life, this series of Farmall tractors was equipped with many innovations. It could be fitted with a diesel engine, a PTO and a torque amplifier, a precursor of today’s powershift transmission.

Various models – for every application

The new Farmalls were known as ‘letter series’, and customers could choose from the Cub, A, B, C, H and M models, with specification possibilities on the latter including a diesel engine.
The Farmall tractor soon became popular throughout the world, and IH began producing it in Great Britain, Germany, Australia, France and Mexico. In short, the tractor was a worldwide success.

Triumph in Europe

On farms in Europe, the letter series of Farmall tractors became a common sight, originally coming here as part of the US Marshall Plan. The 12 hp Farmall Cub was very popular on small farms, and the Farmall H and M proved their worth on larger enterprises.

In the early 1950s, Farmall tractors were being built in France, Germany and Great Britain, and imports from the USA ceased for many years until the larger Farmall models came into demand.

More power wanted

Over the years, numerous innovations were introduced on Farmall tractors in the USA. Model names changed and performance levels rose. In the course of time, the name Farmall became a trendsetter and the newly-offered technology won frequent awards.

New edition from 2011 – and the success story continues
Some 50 years ago, production of the Farmall series was discontinued. But the success story of this tractor series has not come to an end, because – nearly 35 years after the last Farmall was built by Case IH’s forebears – tractors bearing the same name are once again rolling from the production line.

In 2011, Case IH continued the tradition of this tractor series, with the global premiere of the successors taking place in Europe, at a presentation during an agricultural show in France.

The new Farmall C Series

The new Farmall and its predecessors are linked by their key attributes: high reliability and the most modern technology for all-round farming operations.
The first new Farmall series, the Farmall C, was initially designed specifically for use as a farmyard tractor, for jobs such as front loader work, or for use in animal husbandry operations. Its compact structural form also makes the new Farmall C suitable for use in fruit or vegetable cultivation as well as for special crops. It sets new standards for all-round vision, including to the most important working areas. Just a few weeks after its market launch, farmers around the world were responding so appreciatively to the new Farmall’s benefits that Case IH has now expanded the series in 2012. Additional Farmall models, for a variety of different applications, are currently being introduced on a step-by-step basis.

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