• 20-JUL-2018

Behind the Wheel: Precision Solutions and Telematics in Latin America


Luciano Mottim Gomes stands in the middle of a soybean field on his farm in Paraná State Brazil. Other than a large, red combine harvester, there is nothing and no one to see for miles around. And yet Luciano is not alone. Thousands of miles away in Sorocaba there is a team of highly skilled, technical operators who have got his back. Watch our latest episode of Behind the Wheel to find out more about how we are supporting farmers like
Luciano in bringing cutting edge agricultural technology to plains of Latin America. Watch the full webisode on: cnhindustrial.com/behindthewheel

Technologically advanced agricultural and construction machinery require training and skill to be operated to their full potential, and the CNH Industrial (NYSE: CNHI /MI: CNHI) Training and Technology Center (CTT) in Sorocaba, São Paulo state, Brazil was conceived exactly with this in mind. It is from this base that the company provides not only remote support for its customers who are using precision farming and telematics packages, but also a raft of training programs and specialized services for operators throughout the whole of Latin America.

The figures generated by the center are quite staggering: in three years they have trained some 5,000 customers across 1,000 training days and responded to more than 30,000 support requests.

Gregory Riordan, CNH Industrial’s Precision and Telematics Solutions Director for Latin America, is in no doubt as to the importance and scope of the work carried out here: “We have clarified issues, suggested adjustments and answered queries not only in Brazil but also in Argentina, Peru, Cuba and other Latin American countries. In so doing we have helped farmers keep on track with their planting, cultivating and harvesting”.
Watch the webisode at: cnhindustrial.com/behindthewheel
London, July 20, 2018