• 19-JUN-2015

CNH Industrial signs Joint Declaration with UNIDO, the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation



CNH Industrial and the UNIDO Investment and Technology Promotion Office in Italy (UNIDO ITPO) have signed a Joint Declaration representing their intent to foster industrial cooperation in developing countries.

CNH Industrial N.V. (NYSE: CNHI / MI: CNHI) has signed a Joint Declaration with the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation’s (UNIDO) Investment and Technology Promotion Office in Italy (UNIDO ITPO). The intent of this declaration is to foster industrial cooperation in developing countries.

The signing took place on June 16 at Expo Milano 2015, the universal event being held in Milan, Italy until the end of October 2015. The New Holland Agriculture “Sustainable Farm Pavilion“ at Expo played host to the occasion where Michele Ziosi, Head of Institutional Relations for the EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) Region, signed on behalf of the Company together with Diana Battaggia, Head of UNIDO ITPO Italy. Mr. Li Yong, the Director General of UNIDO, also attended the signing ceremony.

CNH Industrial and UNIDO held productive discussions on matters of mutual interest and recorded their intentions and objectives for cooperation in the Joint Declaration with the aim to promote collaboration between institutions and companies in the form of training, advisory services, suitable knowledge transfer, sharing of best practices and capacity building in developing countries.

Mr. Ziosi delivered a speech illustrating CNH Industrial’s private sector approach to provide innovative solutions which seek to preserve natural resources and reduce waste: “The Company is doing its part to address global issues such as nutrition and climate change by providing innovative products, technologies and solutions for the agriculture, transport, civil protection, power generation and construction sectors that abide by environmentally-responsible operating practices. CNH Industrial has made significant manufacturing investments in emerging markets, providing technology transfers, training programs and actively engaging with local communities.”

In addition to this declaration, by contributing to the Charter of Milan, CNH Industrial, together with its 12 brands, has committed to intensifying its contribution to feeding a world's population that continues to grow. The Company aims to do this through the development of cutting-edge technologies in the agriculture sector. The Charter of Milan is a document viewed as being the cultural legacy of Expo 2015, where individuals, associations, and companies agree to assume specific responsibilities to create awareness, and promote the adoption of rules and policies, both nationally and globally to ensure a fairer and more sustainable future for the planet.

UNIDO has developed several Business Partnership Programs with a number of OEMs and Capital Goods manufacturers.

London, June 19, 2015