• 01-JUL-2015

Partnership between FCA, CNH Industrial and Israel makes its way to Expo


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The partnership between FCA, CNH Industrial and Israel's Fuel Choices Initiative (IFCI), the Israeli government's ten-year program managed through the Prime Minister's Office is proceeding at a fast pace. The program aims to reduce the global economy's dependency on oil for transport and promote the development of alternative fuels. The program's objective is to increase the use of natural gas-based technologies in the transport sector by 2020, by expanding the Israeli government's fleet of vehicles powered by this and other alternative fuels, including biofuels. 

The first ever natural gas vehicle to be commercialised for the Israeli market was last month: a Stralis 4x2 heavy truck manufactured by Iveco (a CNH Industrial brand). The vehicle is powered by compressed natural gas (CNG) with a Cursor 8 Euro VI engine. This positive development for the companies’ partnership with Israel reinforces the program’s on-going objective of transforming the country into a key reference point for the development of alternative fuels. 

On the occasion of Israel’s National Day at Expo Milano 2015, which was celebrated on 25 June, Israel held a day’s worth of celebrations at its pavilion marked with a number of events for the public and a business event which highlighted the partnership that unites Italy and Israel. 

FCA is also in attendance at the pavilion with a methane-powered Fiat 500L vehicle, bearing witness to the continuing vigour of the partnership between FCA, CNH Industrial and Israel, which is always actively involved in developing initiatives aimed at ensuring a cleaner environment for future generations. 

FCA and CNH Industrial vehicles fuelled with natural gas are also equipped to operate using biomethane. As biomethane can be produced from waste derived from food and from farming activities (both animal and agricultural waste), it can be considered to be a completely renewable and sustainable biofuel, which is fully in line with the theme of Expo Milano 2015, “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.” 

FCA and IFCI are also jointly working on the development of an extended research & development cooperation program involving Israeli companies in fields related to fuel alternatives, automotive industry and smart mobility.

As European leader in natural gas vehicles – with over 650,000 vehicles sold since 1997 – FCA is committed to providing sustainable mobility solutions, which are practical and deliver benefits in environmental sustainability, for the various sectors in which it operates, encompassing public, private and freight transport. To achieve these goals, the company actively works to involve all levels of its supply chain in order to ensure an integrated approach with the commitment of all stakeholders.

London, July 1, 2015