• 21-MAY-2018

Sustainable supply chain management: the latest Top Stories installment on CNHIndustrial.com


The supply chain, or quite simply, the processes, people and suppliers involved in production is at the core of every organization. Traditionally, quality and competitiveness were the key factors in supply chain management but today new policies, laws and technologies mean that companies are increasingly striving to make their supply chains even more sustainable. Read about how CNH Industrial is achieving this in the latest installment on CNHIndustrial.com’s Top Stories: cnhindustrial.com/supplychain-sustainability.

When asked who was responsible for sustainability at CNH Industrial (NYSE: CNHI / MI: CNHI), many senior managers replied: “Everyone!” As one of the world’s leading sustainable companies, CNH Industrial’s integrated and committed approach permeates the business. Sustainability is truly embedded at CNH Industrial and extends to its relationships with suppliers.

This latest Top Stories installment looks at how CNH Industrial is ensuring its sustainable credentials are extended throughout its international supply chain. This is achieved by the careful monitoring of existing suppliers, promoting continuous improvement. New suppliers are assessed on their current level of sustainability. Supplier sustainability embraces areas as disparate as protecting the environment to prohibiting forced labor.

London, May 21, 2018