• 14-OCT-2013

Advanced harvesting technology nets New Holland two Agritechnica silver medals


  • Ground-breaking Opti-Speed™ strawwalkers: up to 10% higher productivity
  • Innovative Cornrower header: one-pass swathing reduces operating costs and improves bale density by up to 15%
  • Harvesting innovations maximise sustainable food and energy production

New Holland has further confirmed its position as the industry leading harvesting manufacturer, with two Agritechnica silver medals for combine harvester innovations. The unique-in-the-industry Opti-Speed™ strawwalker system improves productivity by up to 10% and the Cornrower header perfectly combines in field efficiency with New Holland’s hallmark commitment to sustainable farming practices.

“New Holland is committed to developing innovations which bring practical benefits to the world’s farmers and contractors.” Stated Carlo Lambro, Brand President, New Holland Agriculture. “Furthermore we, together with the world’s farmers, have the great responsibility of maximising sustainable food and energy production. Opti-Speed™ technology helps reduce losses, which subsequently means more grain is available for food production. The innovative Cornrower header enables farmers to produce both food and fodder from maize crops as well as converting the previously wasted by-product of maize stover into productive energy through biomass.”

Ground-breaking Opti-Speed™ strawwalkers: up to 10% higher productivity

The Opti-Speed™ strawwalker technology, which was recognised with a silver medal, is exclusively available on the CX7000 and CX8000 Elevation range of super conventional combines. The range, which includes the world’s most powerful strawwalker machine, producing up to 490hp, is extensively used by the world’s professional large-scale farmers and contractors.

The unique Opti-Speed™ system delivers up to 10% higher productivity by automatically varying the strawwalker speed based on the field’s gradient. The operator simply selects from four pre-set crops, and the Opti-Speed™ system autonomously modifies the strawwalker speed. When driving uphill, the strawwalker speed reduces to decrease the transport speed of the straw over the strawwalkers and when driving downhill, strawwalker speed is increased to prevent blockages. Moreover, in flat fields, this system is particularly beneficial for maize harvesting thanks to slower strawwalker speeds. As such, a productivity gain of as much as 20% can be achieved.

Innovative Cornrower header: one-pass swathing reduces operating costs and improves bale density by up to 15%

New Holland, through its Clean Energy Leader® strategy, is committed to improving farming productivity and sustainability and the silver medal winning Cornrower header is a key element in  this. The fully integrated Cornrower system can be fitted to conventional maize headers, and it produces uniform windrows of finely chopped maize stover. This fine chop can increase bale density by up to 15%, and the bales also benefit from improved combustion and fermentation profiles, perfect for biomass production.

This one pass system reduces operations’ fuel consumption as well as limiting in field compaction. Furthermore, all maize stover is chopped and remains clean and free from dirt and stones. Any lost kernels fall onto the windrow, and as such bales used as fodder have an improved nutritional profile.  This superfine chop system also allows the stover to release moisture more quickly to reduce the time from chopping to baling. Additional usages include as absorbent animal bedding and as a ration supplement which, when mixed with hydrated lime and water can help to reduce the cost of fodder by up to 40% when compared to traditional maize silage.

​14 October 2013