• 24-FEB-2013

New Holland: Growing the digital farming world


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  •       Over 50,000 downloads for New Holland’s ‘Farming weather forecast and services’ app
  •       Interactive iBrochures bring New Holland products to life
  •       Are you a FarmGenius? An interactive Precision Land Management app game

New Holland has significantly enriched the virtual farming environment with three key mobile apps: the New Holland Weather app, the iBrochures app and an engaging FarmGenius PLM-focussed game. All three apps have been a hit with users across the globe, with up to 80,000 downloads from over 100 countries.

These three apps form part of New Holland’s overarching digital strategy to provide useful online tools for the worldwide agricultural community. As farmers are working increasingly long hours, they are ever more reliant on information which they can access whilst in the field to enhance their businesses’ productivity and profitability.

Over 50,000 downloads for New Holland’s ‘Farming weather forecast and services’ app

Farmers are obsessed by the weather. It is the fundamental element which affects their everyday work and one over which they have no control over; therefore accurate weather forecasting is a must for productive agriculture. The New Holland weather app has proved popular, with over 50,000 unique downloads in more than 100 countries across all five continents. The feedback from users is almost uniformly positive and it has been awarded 4.5 stars out of a possible five by users.

This targeted agricultural weather app provides farmers with all the key parameters which are required when deciding which tasks to carry out. From actual temperature to wind speed, from the evaporation rate to analysing long term weather trends, the app has proved an enormous hit with users.

One satisfied user commented: “Really useful app, clear and precise, well done New Holland.”

Download the weather app from:

Apple iTunes: http://goo.gl/PRkPB ​                     

Google Play: http://goo.gl/bdRP7

Interactive iBrochures bring New Holland products to life

Just imagine opening a brochure and being able to watch videos and animations, see beautiful image galleries and zoom in on a particular feature of interest. Now you can with the interactive New Holland iBrochures. Users can download the app and leaf through a range of harvesting, tractor and precision land management brochures to find out everything about the products. Currently available in English, Italian and French, over 2,500 users have downloaded the app in just four months.

The current ‘most-read’ are the T5 tractor and the BigBaler documents. Titles are continually being updated and added, and additional brochures in different languages are set to be released shortly, including the mighty FR range of forage harvesters. 

Discover the wonderful world of New Holland now and download the iBrochures from:

Apple iTunes: http://goo.gl/vCyTo ​           

Google Play: http://bit.ly/1oUdf5X

Are you a FarmGenius? An interactive Precision Land Management app game

In order to understand the numerous benefits of Precision Land Management and to reach out to the next generation of farmers, the FarmGenius app game was created. To date, over 20,000 users from more than 100 countries have got to grips with the vagaries of farming in the fog, at night and on stony ground and experienced the benefits Precision Land Management offers.

Users have to manage up to 12 fields of various crops and earn coins for successful harvests, which they can then trade for precision farming equipment to make their machines even more efficient. What’s more, users have awarded it four out of five stars in online user reviews.

To experience the game in full visit:

Apple iTunes: http://goo.gl/kfaEa

Google Play: http://goo.gl/qatRV

New Holland is set to launch further exciting apps in the coming months. To find out more about New Holland visit www.newholland.com, which has been optimised for mobile devices.

​24 February 2013