• 24-FEB-2013

New Holland, the Clean Energy Leader, supports tree planting in Niger


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New Holland, in partnership with Tree-Nation, will plant 120 Moringa trees in Dosso, Niger. This is part of a larger project, which aims to plant over 50,000 trees this year in the county to combat desertification and climate change as well as helping to alleviate local poverty and malnutrition.

Each journalist who attends the New Holland Press Conference at the SIMA International Exhibition in Paris, France, will receive a bonsai tree – a symbol of the Moringa tree planted in their name in Dosso. They will also be able to keep an eye on their tree’s progress, as they will be invited to join the Tree-Nation community and they will be regularly updated on their individual tree’s progress.

This initiative, financed by New Holland and in collaboration with Tree-Nation, is another example of the Clean Energy Leader strategy in action. New Holland is committed to sustainable farming practices, which enhance agricultural efficiency and productivity whilst respecting the environment. 

By supporting tree planting, New Holland is not only contributing to reducing the global carbon footprint, the Moringa trees also support local communities. Their leaves are highly nutritious and are a rich source of protein, vitamins A, B and C and contain more than four times the calcium of an equivalent quantity of milk. They can also be used as cattle feed, and test results show, that when fed Moringa leaves, cattle gain more weight and milk output increases significantly.

Tree-Nation is the preeminent global social network, which is focused on reforestation projects and has received United Nations Environment Programme backing for its ‘Plant for the Planet’ Campaign.

To date, more than 100,000 individuals and over 200 companies have supported their projects. Tree-Nation has already planted more than 500,000 trees in projects across Africa and South America to fight climate change, deforestation and help local economies. Their objective for 2013 is to reach one million trees.

Visit www.thecleanenergyleader.com / www.tree-nation.com​​ for more information. 

​24 February 2013