• 08-APR-2015

NEW HOLLAND AT THE AGROTECH 2015 FAIR: an impressive stand and two important awards



The last weekend of March saw an impressive exhibition of technologically advanced agricultural machinery at the 21st Agrotech International Fair of Agricultural Technology in Kielce. Naturally, an event like this could not happen without New Holland presenting some of its novelties. At the Kielce fair, New Holland presented 24 machines and announced the launch of upgraded T7 tractor range scheduled for September.

Each year, crowds of farmers come to the Kielce fair to see the latest equipment, machinery, and various supplies and solutions for agricultural production. This year’s turnout broke all records. In 2014, the number of visitors approached 59,000, and this year it surpassed 60 thousand. Seven hundred exhibitors presented their products on 60 thousand square meters. Despite huge competition, New Holland’s stand was prominent for its unique exposition and unmatched visitor attractions.

Once again, the New Holland brand confirmed its undisputed leading position in the agricultural machinery industry, winning competition committee awards in two prestigious categories. Its CX 5080 combine harvester was awarded an AGROTECH Gold Medal for the innovative threshing and cleaning unit, and its New Holland T8.420 Auto Command tractor was named the Agricultural Machine of 2015 in the Imported Machines category.

Thanks to the sales tools installed on the tablets, team members could provide customers with all the required information. In addition, customers who wanted to obtain financing for machinery, could benefit from professional advice offered by representatives of the CNH Industrial Capital, in particular with respect to the financing of products covered by the special Factory Funding offer.

In addition to novelties and flagship machine models, the New Holland’s stand was rich in entertainment. Visitors were offered a unique opportunity to experience the latest technical achievements employed in New Holland vehicles by test-driving them in a completely safe and clean environment. Visitors, especially young ones, could take up the challenge of managing a virtual farm and check the functionality of New Holland machines on the Farming Simulator 2015 and they could also enjoy a dance performance 

The New Holland™ Precision Farming simulators presented at the fair attracted great interested. Using the simulators, visitors could get a first-hand experience of the solutions offered by the company. New Holland offers a full range of guidance solutions that can be tailored to suit the individual needs of each customer.