• 04-DEC-2013

New Holland launches the crawler TK4000 with SmartTrax™ rubber track technology


  • Exceptional durability in all working conditions
  • Exclusive SmartTrax™ rubber tracks: significantly reduced vibrations
  • Increased versatility: quickly and efficiently change from steel to rubber tracks
  • Reduced soil damage for enhanced yields

New Holland has confirmed its leadership of the crawler tractor segment with the introduction of the exclusive New Holland SmartTrax™ rubber track system. “New Holland has listened to customers, and we have developed an industry-first: fully interchangeable rubber and steel tracks. This technology is available on both narrow and standard machines.” Stated Luca Mainardi, Head of Tractor, Telehandler and Precision Land Management Product Management. “New Holland is proud of its history of leadership and innovation in the speciality segment. From grape and olive harvesters to wheeled and crawler specialty tractors, New Holland is committed to strengthening its global leadership in this important agricultural segment.”

Exceptional durability in all working conditions

Crawler tractors provide the traction and stability to enable farmers to work in the most demanding conditions, at and beyond the limit of wheeled tractor traction. The exclusive SmartTrax™ rubber track system uses a highly durable rubber track, which is fixed to a strong steel metal skeleton, featuring a steel cord spiral structure. This provides outstanding durability, similar to that of traditional steel tracks.

Exclusive SmartTrax™ rubber tracks: significantly reduced vibrations

The rubber from the SmartTrax benefits from natural, inherent suspension properties, and therefore significantly reduces vibrations for enhanced operator comfort. In accordance with ISO 2631 standards (related to human exposure to whole-body vibration and shock), the vibrations under the 0.5 m/s2 threshold have been significantly reduced in all working conditions. As such, operators can work in absolute comfort during long days, without the need for any additional tractor modifications.

Increased versatility: quickly and efficiently change from steel to rubber tracks

New Holland knows that business which work in challenging terrain prize operational flexibility, as such, owners can easily change between the SmartTrax™ rubber tracks to traditional steel tracks efficiently and quickly with minimal tools. This enables operations to select the road-legal rubber tracks when undertaking extensive road transport, where local legislation allows. In the most demanding in-field condition, steel tracks can be fitted to enhanced traction.

Reduced soil damage for enhanced yields

The composition of the rubber tracks enables some flexion when the rubber comes into contact with the ground; consequently lower soil and cover-crop damage occur when compared to traditional sharp metal plates. This is especially beneficial when working in areas with grass inter-rows. In muddy conditions and when performing headland turns, reduced soil scarring occurs, which subsequently enhances yields thanks to reduced compaction and improved soil structure.

The new SmartTrax™ rubber track system is available as an option on the following TK4000 models: 

Maximum Power (hp[CV]) at 2300rpm
SmartTrax™ track width (mm)Overall tractor width (mm)

December 4th 2013


  • Caterina Cattaneo
    New Holland Agriculture Brand Communications manager
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