• 27-OCT-2016

New Holland wins the technical innovation award at the EIMA International 2016 for its Blue Cab 4, which is equipped with the industry's most advanced filtration system


  • A cab designed around the safety and wellness of the operator
  • Technical mention for the IntelliCruise ISOBUS Class III system
The Blue Cab 4 was the recipient of the Technical Innovation Award at EIMA International 2016, the biennial agricultural mechanization trade fair held in Bologna from 9 to 13 November. Equipped with the industry's most advanced filtration system, the Blue Cab 4 is fit on specialised New Holland F – N – V tractors and on the compact Braud grape harvesters.

“New Holland knows that a vineyard is an important investment that must be managed with maximum care and is the only company offering such a wide range of highly specialised machines designed to satisfy the various needs of grape growers and other farmers who operate in low or narrow rows or in the difficult conditions in the hills and mountains,” commented Massimiliano Tripodi, EMEA Marketing Director for New Holland Agriculture. “On-going research and development focused on innovative technologies that simplify the work of grape and fruit growers while increasing the productivity and safety of their work is the basis of the design work at New Holland. Blue Cab 4 is the best solution for making the operator's work simpler and safer”.

A cab designed around the safety and wellness of the operator

Blue Cab™ 4 is an innovative concept designed around the safety and wellness of the operator. It has two levels of filtration in a single system: category 2 and category 4 filtration in a closed circuit internal pressurisation system. On the grape harvester, this intelligent system starts category 4 filtration in automatic mode only at the moment the coupled sprayer is activated. Blue Cab 4 offers other unique features such as the automatic air cleaning valve (patented) to bleed the air in the cab before pressurising and starting category 4 filtration as well as the filter management system that keeps track of the maintenance intervals and consumption of the filters themselves.

Blue Cab 4 offers a level of operator protection that even exceeds the requirements of standards EN15695-1 and -2, which only cover the classification of the cab and the filters using laboratory tests: New Holland has instead tested the performance and duration over time of the filtration system directly in the field. 

Blue Cab 4 has been tested both on specialised tractors (T4.F/N/V range) as well as on the grape harvester for more than 300 hours of spraying, with more than 25 active substances under different work conditions.

Furthermore, to guarantee optimal levels of comfort for the operator, Blue Cab 4 has an integrated air conditioning system with its own fan to ensure the recirculation of the air inside the cab.

Blue Cab 4 is available on the new T4F/N/V range, which will be presented for the first time world-wide at EIMA International; it has already been available on the compact grape harvester range since 2015. It also won a gold medal at the 2015 edition of SITEVI. It received the gold medal at the 2015 edition of SITEVI for advanced safety features.

The IntelliCruise™ ISOBUS Class III obtains a technical mention

The technical mention for the IntelliCruise™ ISOBUS Class III system confirms the validity of this system, which permits T7 range tractors and the New Holland BigBaler to optimise performance due to the new two-way communication standard, Isobus Class III. The operator uses the monitor on board the T7 to manage all the configuration parameters of the BigBaler; the press autonomously controls the tractor's feed rate based on the incoming product load. This innovation makes it possible to avoid clogging, improving product quality as well as productivity.