• 12-NOV-2013

New Varifeed™ 41-foot grain header for the New Holland CR combine harvester



In the quest for maximising harvesting efficiency, the reduction in the number of passes across a field is key. To achieve this, there is an absolute requirement for wider combine headers.

The New Holland CR combine harvester with Twin Rotor™ technology is one of the highest-output machines in the world. This explains why the Varifeed™ grain header, previously offered with a width of up to 10.70 metres, has been developed further, and is now available with a grain header width of 12.50 metres. New Holland deliberately opted for a header width of 41 feet (12.50 metres) because today many large farms utilise 36-metre tram lines in their fields.

With more farms adopting the use of controlled traffic, this combination optimises machine’s capacity while respecting the required tolerance that controlled traffic dictates.

At Agritechnica 2013 the new 12.50 metre Varifeed™ header, manufactured at the New Holland plant in Plock, will be unveiled to trade fair visitors for the first time.

The grain header is based on a very robust welded frame design. The adjustment range for the blade in longitudinal direction is 575 mm and adjustment is performed electrohydraulically from the cab. This means that the header can be  adjusted perfectly to suit all harvesting conditions and is easily easily adapted to use with separating knives for rapeseed threshing (optional).

The header is equipped with four wide Autofloat™ sensing pads that enable its height and inclination to adjust automatically.

Nonetheless, a working width of 12.50 m is a genuine challenge, and not just for the chassis and the overall design. This working width also constitutes a challenge for knives, auger, reels and their drive units.

The header is driven by two drive shafts.  A wobble box on each end of the head provides power to the dual sickles. Two robust knife drives with torsion dampers, one on the left and one on the right, both driven by belts with an automatic tensioning fixture, move the harvester knives, which have a slight overlap at midpoint. The two piece auger is supported in the center with a bearing.  The augers are timed to provide supurb feeding.

To ensure a continuous feed and excellent visibility of the header, New Holland design engineers chose to use a single piece reel that is driven hydraulically and the speed is controlled automatically.

The 12.50 metre grain header will be available with effect from Agritechnica 2013 and will be offered on the CR9090 with Dynamic Feed Roll™ which will make it one of the world's most powerful units for grain harvesting operations.

​12 November 2013