• 21-APR-2015

Building on innovation and tradition: Michał Żebrowski chooses STEYR tractor



Famous actor realizes his vision of living in and with nature and starts modern agricultural enterprise in Polish Tatra Mountains / Efficiency-, quality-, innovation- and eco-orientation as general focus / STEYR tractors as all-rounder and perfect choice recommended by local farmers

In addition to being a famous film and theatrical actor since 1999 and also director of the successful ‘6th Floor Theatre’ in Warsaw since 2010, Michał Żebrowski has recently started to set up a modern agricultural enterprise on the outskirts of Zakopane, a town which is located in the southern part of the Podhale region at the foot of the Tatra Mountains. “I know that being a farmer is far more than ‘a job’ – it is real work in real life. It does not mean sitting in fancy offices and spending one’s time surfing the internet, as farmers start their day when many others still are asleep, and they get their hands dirty whilst growing out food, feed and fibre”, says Żebrowski. “Modern farming is based on knowledge and practical experiences. That is why I listed to the recommendations of local farmers, and that is where I learned that a STEYR simply is the best tractor to choose, as it is developed and built for the real work”, reports Michał Żebrowski.

Whilst maintaining strong bonds with nature, natural cycles and the course of the seasons, and thus with life and work on farms, Michal Żebrowski has also gained a reputation as sophisticated and quality-oriented person: “I am very much in favour of combining traditional values with modern tools that help us to conserve our heritage and yet make the best and most sustainable use of all resources available”, says Michał Żebrowski about his view on life. “For me, traditional values such as family, reliability, high affinity to nature and folklore on the one hand and an innovative agriculture as part of a modern society on the other are just two sides of the same coin, and that is why I decided to buy an equally iconic and innovative STEYR tractor for my farm”, he explains.

Keeping both feet firmly on the ground

Michał Żebrowski is in his early forties and has a wife and two little children. “I am very family-oriented”, he says about himself. “That is where a good deal of my inspiration and strength come from – and that is also one reason for setting up a modern farm now. This farm will become our new home, and it will be the perfect place for us to value and build on tradition and innovation alike. Living and working on the farm will allow me to be in line with my personality, in a place where we can feel free and independent”, says Żebrowski.

“I know what I want, and I live for what I do. I am always striving for performance, quality and reliability: that makes me set up the farm the way I do. When I had the chance to visit STEYR’s St. Valentin factory in Austria recently, I was met by the perfection and dedication that is so important to me – and I am looking forward to the time that I will be able to spend in my own STEYR tractor on my farm in the future”, anticipates Michał Żebrowski.

St. Valentin, 21.04.2015