• 01-JUN-2016

Innovations for municipal operations in 2016 – maximum performance for the most challenging of tasks



STEYR has done more than simply supply outstanding tractors for work in fields, pasture land and farmyards. It has also provided vehicles for all tasks associated with municipal work, forestry and industry.

Efficient solutions - the product range for experts

Great reliability, superlative standards of comfort and maximum efficiency. These are the hallmarks of every vehicle that leaves the production line in St. Valentin – equally applicable of course to the orange coloured special vehicles manufactured for local council services and other public-sector bodies. A range of different models is available across five product lines. These cover every conceivable application: the flexible Kompakt series, the universal Multi, the remarkably economical Profi series, the comfortable CVT, and the enormously powerful new flagship from STEYR, the Terrus CVT.

"Over the last few years, we have witnessed a clear trend in favour of larger operational widths and higher performance ratings, not only in municipal applications, but also at the GaLaBau trade fair. With our new Multi and Profi models, we are able to meet the needs of this customer segment”, reported David Schimpelsberger, the STEYR Product Manager responsible for municipal and forestry business. At the top end of the range available for municipal applications are the Steyr 6150 to 6240 CVT, and the new flagship, the Terrus CVT.

Less fuel, lower costs

The ECOTECH engines from STEYR not only boost productivity, they also cut fuel consumption - which in turn reduces operating costs. At the same time, all STEYR municipal tractors with power ratings of 99 hp and above now meet the EU Level IV emissions standard, giving them great environmental credentials. The 4 and 6-cylinder common rail diesel engines are all turbocharged and intercooled. They deliver power ratings of up to 300 hp and combine optimum quality with ultimate efficiency.

Comfort in series

It's no secret - STEYR tractors are renowned for the way they combine economy and reliability with high levels of comfort, and they are also very easy to operate. The multifunctional cabs offer great all-round visibility, ergonomic seats and controls, as well as exceptionally good acoustic insulation. This assures stress-free and relaxed work over many hours at the wheel.

All STEYR municipal tractors are available with a Multicontroller, which enables the driver to control vehicle and attached implements easily and in a relaxed manner. The STEYR Multicontroller is also easy to operate, which means the driver can maintain a good grip on all important functions.

The ex-factory forestry protection equipment is based on a tried and proven four-pillar design on the Multi, and a six-pillar design on the Profi. It is also possible to install a virtually unbreakable rear windscreen which option makes it possible to dispense with the usual protective grille and provides optimum visibility of the rear area and its implement attachment points.

"Our engineers place great emphasis on the design concept, which involves taking customer requirements into account right from the development stage. An example of this approach can be found on the new Terrus CVT, where the distance separating front axle from front hoist has been optimised. Thanks to this new design, compact overall dimensions and superlative weight distribution combine to deliver optimum ride comfort. Furthermore, by adapting the design and build in this way, and by installing specially shaped fuel tanks, we are able to achieve a very impressive steering lock", stated Schimpelsberger emphatically.

An extremely versatile frame

The STEYR 2.0 municipal frame sets new standards in terms of municipal performance levels. The new municipal frame with EURO III System Adapter is now more rugged and therefore even more capable. The 'EURO III' designation indicates the size of the municipal attachment plate 'System' for the wide range of different versions, such as three different lengths, and 'Adapter' for the standard interface for attachment of commonly used municipal implements to the carrier vehicle, perfectly adapted to suit this tractor. The modular range of STEYR municipal vehicles includes an integrated towing hitch with removable tabs for implement pivot screw connections. The entire municipal frame is designed as a rigid screwed unit without bolts and its three lengths of 210 mm (standard), 330 mm and 450 mm cover the implement requirements of all commonly used attached implements. The new, reinforced design assures a high level of protection for the torsion moment. Furthermore, the new municipal frame and its front-mounted lifting gear are interchangeable and come with a choice of screwed unit or suspended mounting solutions. The STEYR 2.0 municipal frame is available ex-factory in loader-ready condition, including electrical changeover to front loader operation. Four or six connections, unobstructed return movement and a standard seven-pin socket all deliver maximum versatility. Available options include a front PTO shaft, a transfer box and a locking differential on the front axle.

An overview of the Steyr range of municipal vehicles:

  • 5 models from 58 to 300 hp
  • With Hi-eSCR “ exhaust after-treatment, from Multi to Terrus CVT, compliance is achieved with the EU Level IV emissions standard

Special equipment items including:

  • EURO III system adapter for municipal chassis units
  • Complete forestry protection equipment
  • Heated front and rear windscreens
  • Tyres for municipal and forestry applications
  • Comprehensive lighting package
  • Signal paintwork for municipal applications
  • High payloads
  • Long service intervals reduce maintenance costs
  • High-performance hydraulic systems
  • Maximum driver comfort and simple operation
  • Various transmission variants such as CVT transmission with 40 km/h ECO or 50 km/h ECO, active stationary control
  • ABS / extended ABS and automatic parking brake (in the CVT and Terrus CVT series)
  • ISOBUS Class II/III and RTK ex-factory

St. Valentin, 1 June 2016