• 05-DEC-2016



On 29 November this year, the brand new STEYR website appeared online. The modern look and feel are striking features, as are convenient layout and optimum ease of use. The site is available in a total of six languages.
The outcome of one year's work.
For the last year, people have been hard at work on the new STEYR website, in Austria and Italy as well as in the USA. The result is quite a sight to behold - and to click on: Since 29 November, the St. Valentin tractor manufacturer's new website has been online.
Ease of use is centre stage.
Now, visitors to steyr-traktoren.com will find a website that presents all the information from the world of STEYR in a very modern, visually appealing, clearly laid-out and user-friendly way. The intuitive menu navigation makes it easy for people to navigate on the new platform, and this is divided into two categories: in the first of these is the classic STEYR model range for farmers (menu colour red), while in the second visitors will find the STEYR municipal range of products for communities, forestry and industrial businesses (menu colour orange).
Adapts to suit all devices.
Thanks to the responsive design, the new STEYR website runs on all devices without any restrictions. Every website  page adapts automatically to reflect the device being used – either a conventional PC, a laptop, a tablet or perhaps even a smartphone.  Another great advantage in terms of ease of use.
Available in six languages.
During the development of the new Internet appearance, STEYR sought to emphasise the international nature of the brand. Dies wird nun auch online präsentiert: All content is available in six languages - German, English, Polish, French, Dutch and Italian.
St. Valentin, 5.12.2016