• 20-JAN-2014

Ski Flying World Cup 2014: Steyr “clearance fleet” in action!



Tractor manufacturer Steyr as sponsor of the Ski Flying World Cup 2014 in Kulm / Modern Steyr tractors stood ready for snow clearing operations / Safe roads thanks to powerful municipal equipment

Tractors of the premium Steyr brand have now become a common sight at sporting events. Again in 2014, modern tractors are standing ready with winter maintenance equipment: The first operations were carried out on the occasion of the Ski Flying World Cup in mid-January. From the first arrivals until the last competition rounds, tractors from Steyr ensured safe roads and optimal conditions for the arrival and departure of both competitors and spectators.

Together with the responsible authorities, the Steyr municipal experts from St. Valentin worked out a winter maintenance service concept for this important large-scale event. They did not simply make tractors available, but were also involved in the prior logistical preparations and held training sessions to bring the local staff up to speed with winter maintenance.

Josef Penzinger, Head of Marketing at Steyr Austria, points to the range of tractors available for municipal tasks: “Steyr offers six tractor series in the power range between 56 and 228 hp which are also exceedingly suitable for jobs in practical winter maintenance. If we are now supporting the Ski Flying World Cup with six tractors from three different series, we do so with the awareness that world-class athletes and world-class technology simply go together. Here, we can demonstrate before a wide public what those responsible for winter maintenance do with our equipment, day in and day out.”

Steyr’s Director of Sales, Rudolf Hinterberger, also emphasises that “the Steyr product programme provides optimally-equipped machines with the highest possible efficiency in cost and performance for every area of operation.” He sees it as especially noteworthy that the ecotech tractors permit a significant increase in productivity and efficiency while at the same time reducing fuel consumption and harmful emissions. “Because of the much greater flexibility of use of the Steyr tractors, municipalities and public services in particular profit to a very great extent from the new ecotech technology based on innovative engines and exhaust gas cleaning systems from FPT. Not least, thanks to the SCR technology, diesel consumption can be reduced by ten percent while at the same time providing up to 14 percent more power,” says Hinterberger.

For Rudolf Hinterberger, another aspect is also important: “People love sports. This is a place where performances are on show that attract many spectators. When we support such an event with our ‘clearance fleet’, we do not only contribute to its success, we also come into contact with the younger generation. This gives us an opportunity to create points of contact with modern agricultural technology – and to show that innovative agricultural technology is a future-oriented sector that is both demanding and exciting. So I am very happy that we can continue Steyr’s sporting involvement, also in Kulm,” says Hinterberger.

New stars on the ski slopes

As one of Steyr’s top new products for the coming season, the new Profi CVT was in action for winter maintenance in Kulm. “This tractor features a highly-efficient CVT transmission with active stop control and dual clutch technology, and is fitted with the newest generation of the Multicontroller. We thus present an extraordinarily powerful and efficient continuously variable tractor that clearly scores in all areas – from its environment-friendly engine with powerful lugging performance, through its heavy-lifting hydraulics, to its compact build and manoeuvrability as well as modern driver comfort,” Hinterberger emphasises.

“Alongside the Profi CVT, the new Multi also proved to be a highlight on the ski slopes in Kulm,” adds Josef Penzinger. “With the Multi we can now offer a completely newly-developed universal tractor that is especially designed for the modern requirements of municipalities and road maintenance operations. This tractor is driven by the latest engine technology. The centrepiece is a 3.4 litre common rail engine with EGR and diesel particle filter (DPF) which offers unique performance and more power combined with significantly lower fuel consumption,” states Penzinger in conclusion.

The Steyr “clearance fleet” in action at the Ski Flying World Cup in Kulm. From the first arrivals on 9 January until the last competition rounds on 12 January, tractors from Steyr ensured safe roads and optimal conditions for the arrival and departure of both competitors and spectators. “With our ‘one-stop shop’ concept, we know that the Steyr technology reliably delivers what the users need – and particularly in municipal winter maintenance operations, precisely this is an essential prerequisite for safety on our roads,” emphasises Josef Penzinger, Head of Marketing at Steyr Austria.

In Kulm the Steyr team supported a successful sporting event.

St. Valentin, 20 January 2014