• 22-NOV-2013

Steyr "Team Multi" – a milestone at Agritechnica



Employees stake their good name on it / Exclusive team design as a symbol of world-class manufacturing / Fully electronic front hitch control hailed as a milestone of agricultural technology

A Steyr Multi with unusual design proved to be a crowd puller at the Agritechnica 2013. The Steyr Multi bore the names of all employees at the Steyr plant in St. Valentin who were involved in the production process. This made it a real eyecatcher at the Agritechnica special exhibition "Milestones of Agricultural Technology".

"The background to this not totally commonplace design is the wish to make clear how many qualified personnel were actively involved in its production and personally identify with the product. In this way we also want to draw attention to the high quality standards and high-class, "Made in Austria" workmanship," Gabriele Hammerschmid, Steyr Marketing Director, explained.

And it wasn't only the design that received a lot of attention, but also the technology presented by Steyr; the Steyr Multi was hailed as a milestone in agricultural technology – primarily on account of the integrated EFH electronic front hitch control with ground pressure control.

It has a ground pressure control and adapts automatically to the terrain. This means driving on a slope is more safe, it protects the grass and makes for more. For example, the ground pressure of the front-mounted mower can be continuously adjusted from the cabin during travel.

But the EFH is also used in arable farming. For instance, it is used with a front roller to prepare the seedbed, thus ensuring that the seed can grow evenly.

St. Valentin, 22.11.2013