• 10-NOV-2013

Steyr ECOtronik ensures perfect matching of engine, transmission and handling



Energy-efficient and productive tractor Operation  

Steyr ECOtronik now available for FPT four-cylinder tractors with powershift / Numerous practical benefits from modern engine-transmission control concept / Maximum power is produced at just 1,900rpm, reducing fuel use in the field by up to 30 per cent

Steyr Multi tractors now benefit for the first time from ECOtronik technology, which is designed to optimally match the machines’ 32 x 32 powershift transmission with the latest FPT four-cylinder engines. In practice, this means considerably less stress on the driver, greater com-fort and, above all, much more efficient use of energy.

Recent studies have shown that, during road transport, ECOtronik leads to fuel savings of up to 20 per cent, while for field tasks such as fertiliser spreading, the figure rises to up to 30 per cent.

Modern engine control

The new FPT F5C four-cylinder common-rail engine delivers its full power not only at the rated speed, but also at a fuel-saving 1,900 rpm. This not only ensures low fuel consumption during work, but thanks to low noise levels of just 72 dB, the operator benefits from higher levels of comfort and significantly less vibration. Maximum torque of 457Nm is reached at an economi-cal 1,500 rpm, while a reduced engine idle speed means lower fuel consumption and helps protect the environment. Two storable engine speeds ensure fuel-efficient field/PTO work.

Slower speed = lower consumption

By optimising the torque curve at an economical 1,500 rpm, the engines in Steyr Multi tractors offer full torque right where it is needed most .This principle ensures the new Steyr ECOtronik tractors do not run out of steam however hard the task. In addition, the reduced 700rpm idling speed further lowers fuel consumption.

Top travel speed of 40 km/h is reached at just 1,730 rpm, with beneficial results for fuel use, cutting consumptions by up to 11%. The ECOtronik system automatically switches between four powershift steps, with even overlaps ensuring gearshifts are as smooth as possible, helping minimise power losses. In addition to improving fuel efficiency, ECOtronik provides optimal, smooth shifting between the powershift speeds, ensuring the driver benefits from a particularly comfortable ride.

ECO mode for PTO – less fuel consumption, less noise

New Steyr ECOtronik models feature a PTO with four operating modes (540, 1000, 540E and 1000 E rpm), gearing of which has been matched exactly to the engine characteristics. For stationary tasks, the ground PTO can be used clockwise and counter-clockwise due to the ECOtronik, and for easy tasks such as slurry mixing the PTO can be used with reduced engine speed and thus less noise and lower fuel consumption.

Central control

At the centre of the Multi tractors’ operating concept is the newly-developed Multicontroller, which enables intuitive operation to be quickly mastered. With ECOtronik specification, powershift tractors now benefit from a dual hand throttle, which allows the shift points of the transmission to be varied using the hand throttle and its Eco and Power modes. In Eco mode, gear changes are made at low engine speeds (1400rpm) to keep fuel consumption to a minimum, while in power mode shifting takes place at 1900rpm to make full use of the engine’s power and torque reserves.

Clear savings

Practical experience shows that fuel consumption can be reduced by up to 22 percent by way of optimal adjustment of gear shifting points. ECOtronik performs this task for the driver. Perfecting engine and transmission control in this way makes it possible to reduce engine speeds and to significantly improve efficiency. In heavy fieldwork, such as tillage, using 80 per cent of rated power, an engine speed reduction from 2,200 to 1,500 rpm reduces fuel consumption by more than 15 per cent. In road transport work, consumption is cut by 22 per cent, while for tasks such as front loader work or fertiliser spreading, where about 20 per cent of rated power is required, fuel use is lowered by more than 30 per cent.

The new ECOtronik technology, developed at Steyr’s tractor factory in St. Valentin, has already been awarded a silver medal at Agribex 2013 in Brussels.

Hannover, November 10, 2013