• 10-NOV-2013

Steyr opens Red-Power-Road training track for tractor test driving, training and research


Steyr Red-Power Road

Multifunctional test circuit expands the offering at Steyr’s Experience Centre in St. Valentin / Modern safety and driver assistance systems can be tested in practice

Case IH and Steyr have announced the opening of a brand new training and test circuit at the two brands’ production site in St. Valentin, Austria. The new ‘Red-Power-Road’ is a training route used by the factory development departments, as well as for the standard tractor tests at the shakedown of every St. Valentin-produced tractor.

"The new Red-Power-Road means factory visitors now have the opportunity to test our tractors under practical operating conditions, such as when driving on the road", says Christian Huber, managing director for the Case IH and Steyr production site at St. Valentin.

"In addition, precision farming systems such as automated steering or telematics, both now important components of high horsepower tractors and high-capacity harvesters, can be assessed under field conditions. A direct tutorial in this way ensures that operators know how to get the most from their machines”, Huber explains.

Training and control under practical conditions

The track, comprising a circular course of more than 1.2km, was built on an area of about 10,000 square metres, and also allows assessment of modern driver assistance and safety systems such as Automatic Productivity Management or ABS braking. In addition, an area of adjacent land allows tractors to be tested in practical field conditions.

The new training course is part of the extensive Case IH and Steyr ‘Built With Passion’ development programme for the St. Valentin factory, where it comprises part of one of the most innovative sites for tractor production and development in Europe.

One of the world's largest capital goods businesses, CNH Industrial, the parent company of Case IH and Steyr, has invested more than €20m in the new Experience Centre for the two brands.

"The commissioning of the new ‘Red-Power-Road’ is another step in the St. Valentin tractor development site”, says Christian Huber.

“More than 35% of all employees at St. Valentin have a specialist engineering education, and are responsible for contributing to the development of the CNH Industrial tractor group.

“Our research and development projects benefit from close links to the factory and their own R&D logistics, which allows, for example, faster feedback from field testing. In addition, the St. Valentin-based European Training Centre offers enhanced practical training", Christian Huber explains potential further uses.

Hannover, 10 November 2013