• 21-AUG-2013

Clean Energy Leader®: Sustainable, Efficient Technology for Modern Agriculture


  • Clean Energy Leader® strategy: reflecting agricultural reality
  • Growing energy: promoting bioethanol production
  • Expanded satellite offering boosts Precision Land Management accuracy
New Holland’s Clean Energy Leader® strategy perfectly reflects modern agriculture. Since 2006, this commitment has been the driver for the development of numerous pioneering initiatives, which are developed around the needs of farmers themselves, the machinery they use and the impact this has on the final consumers of their products, the world’s population. It is a belief which characterizes everything New Holland does, and is enrooted in every factory, office and product. The overarching aims of the Clean Energy Leader® program encompass helping farmers achieve energy independence, increasing their production efficiency, improving the sustainability of their agribusinesses and it also underpins New Holland’s ‘committed company’ ethos. 

“At the Farm Progress Show, farmers will experience New Holland’s latest products and initiatives, which will enable them to improve the efficiency and sustainability of their farm, both in terms of the machinery they use and the state-of-the-art agricultural solutions on offer,” stated Abe Hughes, Vice President,  New Holland North America. “This will enable them to do more with less, and this is our vision for the future of agriculture.”

Growing energy: promoting bioethanol production
New Holland is committed to supporting farmers to exploit new agribusiness opportunities in the growing clean fuel segment. In partnership with Growth Energy, a leading ethanol advocacy organization, New Holland is reaching out to the nation’s farmers and ranchers to promote the benefits of cultivating corn for bioethanol production. To date, over 32,000 growers and farmers have been contacted and 1,300 growers have already attended specific events. Furthermore, 212 dealers nationwide are on hand to assist growers.

Growers can rely on a complete range of products to support the bioethanol production cycle including: corn headers, Flexicoil planters and Guardian™ self-propelled sprayers, alongside tractors, materials handling equipment and combine harvesters. Furthermore, second generation bioethanol production is also facilitated by the new corn header with Cornrower, which rows the stover for more efficient baling.

In order to promote this initiative within the farming community, New Holland is proud to be the Official Agricultural Equipment partner of the NASCAR racing series, which uses E15, 15% bioethanol, produced from corn grown in the USA.

Expanded satellite offering boosts Precision Land Management accuracy
New Holland is committed to offering state-of-the-art, efficiency enhancing solutions for farmers. As such, customers can now enjoy the benefits of three new guidance solutions to improve farming precision. CenterPoint RTX™ correction signals offer 1.5” pass to pass and year on year accuracy, without the use of a base station. Coverage is available throughout all of North America and this solution is particularly useful for regions without RTK correction or those which work over large geographical areas, as they are no longer required to move their base station.

RangePoint™ technology delivers 6” pass to pass accuracy using GNSS signals, incorporating GPS and GLONASS correction signals, and is perfect for broad acre farming. The XFill™ solution has also been launched, which fills in for an interrupted RTK signal for up to 20 minutes. This feature is standard on IntelliSteer™ equipped machines. This breakthrough technology offers farms productivity peace of mind in areas of weaker signal.

Advanced PLM® solutions are used across North America, with one of the most successful application at Bruce Fraiser’s onion farm near San Antonio, Texas. Producing over 870 million onion transplants per year, New Holland’s advanced PLM® solutions are used throughout the entire cultivation cycle, from sowing through to crop protection, to ensure the highest yields. RTK correction signals are used in conjunction with the farm’s Guardian sprayer, and on-board PLM® technology enables variable rate and section control for optimal field coverage. Tractors use the controlled traffic functionality to protect the valuable onion crop. Data management software is fully exploited to analyze inputs and yields in order to deliver the highest yields.

These are just two examples of how New Holland’s Clean Energy Leader® strategy allows its customers to do more with less, thanks to its products which feature sustainable, efficient technology.

Visit the new Clean Energy Leader® website on www.thecleanenergyleader.com  to find out more.

NEW HOLLAND, Pa. — August 21, 2013


  • Bethany Ciampa
    PR & Content Team (New Holland)
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