• 19-JAN-2017

Titan™ Series Floaters


Built for handling the tough demands of changing terrain and accurately applying fertilizer and chemicals.

Leading the Industry
Built to get more out of every day and pack more productive days into every season, Titan Series floaters are ready to help you make the most of your windows of opportunity. Whether you're applying liquids, granular materials, or both, you'll be riding high in a machine that's designed to meet the needs of professional applicators. It's about rugged construction. Machines with productivity improving features, the best service and support network in the industry and a legacy of leadership that puts a premium on delivering real value.

Productive Power
Available in two horsepower ratings, the Titan 40 Series’ high-horsepower diesel engines feature the world-class design innovations of FPT Powertrain Technologies. A sister company of Case IH, FPT is a global engine development leader that makes more than 2.6 million engines every year. Engineered for extraordinary quality and durability, and tested and proven by Case IH engineers, this 8.7-liter engine is designed to meet the tough conditions found in agriculture while delivering optimum fuel efficiency and ease of service. FPT world-class design innovations power all Case IH products over 100 hp, delivering Efficient Power to increase responsiveness and fuel efficiency.

More Comfort Means More Acres
When application windows are narrow and every hour in the field counts, operator comfort is no luxury - it's absolutely essential. Comfortable operators are productive operators and they help boost your bottom line. That's why Titan Series floaters are equipped to let operators work longer with less fatigue. Ergonomic seating, easy-to-reach controls and an ultra-quiet interior are just a few of the features that help make the most out of long days in the field.

3-Wheel Floaters
Ready to work? So are these floaters. From its solid, durable chassis frame to its robust drivetrain, a Titan 40 Series 3-wheel chassis is designed to work as hard as the rest of your crew during your application windows. For the applicator who needs to stay out in front, both of schedules and the competition, here’s the 3-wheel option that’s second to none.

4-Wheel Floaters
The performance and productivity of any floater rests solidly on the structural integrity of its frame. That’s why 4-wheel Titan 40 Series floaters are designed to withstand the most demanding field conditions. These sturdy frames are built of 10 x 4 x 0.375-inch rectangular cross-section steel tubing. And they're continuously welded, not just bolted together. Welded-in torsion tubes plus top and bottom doublers in key stress areas combine to form a rigid frame that withstands heavy loads and protects the mounted components from field-induced fatigue failures.

Optimum Control Means Maximum Efficiency
Thoughtfully designed, well laid-out controls let operators make the most of every hour in the field. Advanced control technologies increase accuracy, minimize over- or under-applications, and get every bit of value from each drop or granule you apply. Titan Series floater control options give you a range of ways to get the very most out of your floater, and your application windows.

Get More Work From the Work Day
At Case IH, we make "maximum uptime" one of the pillars of every product we offer. Simply put, that means designing and building equipment that optimizes time in the field every day of their long, productive life. One important way to do that is to make routine maintenance as easy, quick and trouble-free as possible. This maximizes uptime two different ways. It gets your machine out in the field and productive as quickly as possible every day. And because it makes service so convenient, it increases the chance that nothing gets skipped, and that means a machine that runs better, longer.

Current Models:
  • Titan™ 3040 Floater: Titan 3040 Floater 3-wheel has 340 hp and 6-speed automatic transmission, a durable chassis frame and robust drivetrain.
  • Titan™ 3540 Floater: Titan 3540 Floater 3-wheel has 410 hp and 6-speed automatic transmission, a durable chassis frame and robust drivetrain.
  • Titan™ 4040 Floater: Titan 4040 Floater 4-wheel has 340 hp and 6-speed automatic transmission, a durable chassis frame and robust drivetrain.
  • Titan™ 4540 Floater: Titan 4540 Floater 4-wheel has 410 hp and 6-speed automatic transmission, a durable chassis frame and robust drivetrain.
  • 810 Flex-Air™ Applicator: Precise and predictable product delivery is achievable with the 810 Flex-Air applicator featuring three metering gate heights to match rate requirements with field conditions and ground speeds.
  • 610 Liquid System: From its large tanks to its big booms, and all the plumbing in between, the 610 Liquid System is designed to help applicators cover a lot of acres in a short window.