• 19-JAN-2017

Fertilizer Applicators


Preplant, side-dress or strip-till, Case IH fertilizer applicators offer yield-boosting power by increasing nutrient uptake, minimizing runoff and delivering high returns.

Maximize Your Nutrient Uptake
Root zone banding technology makes your fertilizer investment count. Case IH Fertilizer Applicators place nutrients deep in the root zone where they are more readily available to plants during the growing season.

Robust and Sturdy Frame
  • Rugged heavy-duty frame for increased toolbar strength
  • Engineered, rounded gussets placed according to detailed stress analysis
  • Forward mounted applicator frame for easy viewing of applicator
  • High underframe clearance for residue flow
  • Simple, reliable rear hitch hook-up
  • Self-lubricating, composite bushings on all wing pivots for long life and less maintenance
A Tank to Match Your Needs
  • Tank capacity ranges from 850 to 2,050 gal (3,218 to 7,760 L) depending on model.
  • Mounted Lengthwise for excellent visibility
  • Tank centered over frame for more stability
  • Tank is balanced so constant tongue weight maintained whether the tank is full or empty
  • 2” or 3” tank fill, depending on model, for quick loading
4Rs of Nutrient Stewardship
Case IH is a proud partner of the 4R Nutrient Stewardship initiative. The 4Rs promote best management practices (BMPs) to achieve cropping system goals while minimizing field nutrient loss and maximizing crop uptake.

Current Models:
  • Nutri-Placer 920: The Nutri-Placer 920 comes in either 1,650 or 2,050 gallon (6,246 or 7,760 L) capacity configurations for more time in the field.
  • Nutri-Placer 930: The Nutri-Placer 930 has proven ground ground engaging components for optimal NH3 placement.  It is available in five widths ranging from 27.5 to 47.5 ft (8.4-14.5 m).
  • Nutri-Placer 940: Featuring a working width ranging from 60 to 65 ft (18.3 to 19.8 m) the Nutri-Placer 940 is available 15 or 30 in (381 or 762 mm) row spacing to meet your needs.
  • Nutri-Placer 2800: The Nutri-Placer 2800 is available in 17.5 or 37.5 ft (5.3 or 11.4m) widths and three tank sizes. It features adjustable or fixed axles and your choice of either a ground driven piston pump or a hydraulic pump.
  • Nutri-Placer 5300: The Nutri-Placer 5300 mounted or pull-type applicator versions can be used for both preplant and sidedress application, to band nutrients in the soil root zone for optimum fertilizer utilization.