Windrower Rotary Disc Headers


Windrower Rotary Disc Header
2 Models, 16-19 ft (7.6-12.2 m) Cutting Widths: Case IH RD series rotary disc headers offer quality cutting at uncompromising speed in tough crop conditions with minimum maintenance.

Disc Modules: Rugged and Easy Service, Repair or Replacement
  • Individually sealed bearings , gears and lubricant – damage or contamination to one disc doesn't spread to another
  • Complete gear lubrication , even when cutting on slopes or at an angle
  • Austempered discs for extra hardness and durability in punishing conditions
  • A protective liner in the hood helps reduce rock damage
  • Heavy-duty gears and cross shafts
Shock Protection System
  • Protects key disc module drive components when a disc encounters a field obstacle
  • Easier in-field repairs
  • Dramatically reduces downtime
  • Lower replacement-part cost
  • Standard on all rotary disc header models
Heavy Duty Knives
  • One-bolt knives that are reversible for twice the cutting life
  • A knife speed of 187 mph (301 kph)
  • A cutterbar angle that  adjusts hydraulically from 2–10 degrees below horizontal using the in-cab switch
The Most Options to Fit Your Operation
  • Cutting width  — 16 ft 1 in (4.9 m) 
  • Compatible — WD1903 and WD2303
  • Rubber-on-rubber conditioning rolls 
  • Steel-on-steel conditioning rolls
  • Flail conditioner (For grass-like crops)
  • Hi-Contact rolls are mounted in "modules" that are easily removed and exchanged to suit different crops and conditions throughout the season
  • Complete removal of the conditioning roll module allows for cutting without conditioning, if desired​​
  • Perfect for large-scale commercial growers  — delivers unbeatable speed
  • Industry-leading cutting width  — 19.3 ft (5.9 m)
  • Compatible  — WD2303
  • Full-length auger eliminates the need for co-rotating discs and increases cutoff performance​
Current Models
  • RD163: The RD163 is compatible with the WD1903 and WD2303 and has a cutting width — 16 ft 1 in (4.9 m). Its Hi-Contact rolls are perfect for legume-type crops in low-humidity climates.
  • RD193: Perfect for large-scale commercial growers delivering unbeatable speed with an industry-leading cutting width of 19.3 ft (5.9 m).