• 30-AUG-2016

New Holland Agriculture Expands Intelli-Series Technology Offering


Committed to preparing the world for the future of farming, New Holland Agriculture has introduced three new intelligent technology offerings across multiple product lines this year.

More productivity, reduced fatigue, uniform bale size and less fuel consumption
The all-new IntelliBale™ system is now available on 450,460 and 560 Roll-Belt Round Baler models and can be paired with ISOBUS class 3 compatible T6 and T7 AutoCommand™ tractors and T7 Full Powershift models with electronic park brake. The system automates the tractor and baling control functions, reducing operator fatigue and fuel consumption and enables the baler to control the tractor’s motion, net function, and bale ejection.

This technology enables the baler to control the tractor’s forward motion: it brings the tractor to a stop when the pre-set bale diameter has been reached, wraps the bale, raises and closes the tailgate when the bale has been ejected, then gives the operator a signal to cycle the FNR lever forward and back to neutral to continue baling.

In addition to the reduced operator fatigue and fuel consumption, customers will appreciate the uniform bale size that is achieved with the IntelliBale technology, as bale diameter is automated and doesn’t depend on the operator’s reaction time. The consistent cycle times also increase the tractor and baler’s productivity even further. The IntelliBale system will pave the way for additional future advances in hay baling technologies.

The IntelliBale advancements complement last year’s launch of IntelliCruise™ on the BigBaler Large Square Balers. This ISOBUS 3 technology has proven productivity increases for many BigBaler owners in the last year.

Ease operations and spillage concerns in-field for optimize crop flow and field progress
Operating a forage harvester requires extensive experience and a high level of concentration. For maximum focus on crop flow and field progress, the new, multi awardwinning 3D camera-based IntelliFill™ system on the New Holland FR Forage IntelliFill automatically controls the spout movement to perfectly fill right to the trailer’s edges without spillages.

New innovative sprayer nozzle technology providing unmatched product delivery

New Holland has also enhanced its Guardian™ Front Boom model sprayer lineup with the addition of the IntelliSpray™ Nozzle Control System boom option which enhances product accuracy and application flexibility. The IntelliSpray™ Nozzle Control System features Pulse Width Modulation solenoids on each nozzle that open and close at different rates to maintain product application rates. The IntelliSpray™ technology also maintains a consistent product droplet size to maximize crop coverage and performance in a variety of conditions. In addition, this technology significantly reduces product spray drift as compared to conventional spray systems.

(August 30, 2016)