• 06-AUG-2013

New Holland Precision Land Management (PLM™) North America Satellite Service Expanded


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  • xFill™ technology: Enhancing RTK reliability and runtime
  • RangePoint™ RTX satellite correction service compatibility: 6-inch, pass-to-pass accuracy where signals are unreliable
New Holland is expanding the capabilities of the Precision Land Management (PLM™) offerings by adding additional capabilities to increase the reliability of its RTK signal with the new xFill™ feature. Additionally, growers will have the opportunity to choose from new satellite correction sources, expanding the already wide offering of accuracy options available through PLM.

"New Holland's PLM provides growers with a wide range of auto-guidance systems and auto-guidance correction sources so they can choose the system and accuracy level that best matches the needs of their operation," says Chris Carrier, PLM Marketing Manager.

xFill™ technology: Enhancing RTK reliability and runtime
New Holland's PLM IntelliSteer auto-guidance system provides growers with industry-leading precise RTK sub-inch accuracy which is critical in many row crop applications for lowering input cost, improving yield potential and increasing productivity. It also enables growers to precisely pinpoint the location of their seeding, spraying and harvesting activities with year-over-year repeatable accuracy.

To help growers to continue to improve their productivity and maximize in-field runtime, New Holland's PLM is introducing new xFill technology. xFill provides a supplemental signal during RTK interruption or loss to keep growers running with a high level of accuracy.

xFill technology is designed to enhance RTK reliability and in-field runtime. During RTK signal interruptions, xFill steps in as a backup signal to keep growers running in a fixed mode, while maintaining a high level of accuracy. xFill is a standard feature of PLM IntelliSteer RTK that will extend RTK operation for up to 20 minutes. This will keep growers running with a high level of accuracy in situations where they lose signal due to terrain or obstructions.

RangePoint™ RTX satellite correction service: 6-inch, pass-to-pass accuracy with increased reliability
New Holland continues to expand its offering of compatible correction signal sources with compatibility to RangePoint™ RTX, a new low cost entry level correction source that is GPS and GLONASS enabled with 6 inch pass to pass accuracy. This comes in addition to adding compatibility with CenterPoint™ RTX, the industry's most accurate satellite based correction service with repeatable 1.5 inch accuracy, in 2012. 

RangePoint RTX gives growers a highly reliable correction signal that is ideally suited for broad acre applications. It utilizies both GPS and GLONASS signals for greater reliability, improving in-field runtime and productivity. A one-year subscription to RangePoint RTX is available at no additional charge to all growers who own a PLM NH 372 GNSS receiver. Renewals are offered after the first year of use.         

  NEW HOLLAND, Pa. — August 06, 2013