• 11-FEB-2014

Tough New Holland SmartTrax™ II Tracks Optimized for Productivity


Tough New Holland SmartTrax™ II Tracks Optimized for Productivity fitted to the T9
  • Industry-leading high-idler configuration handles the toughest field conditions
  • Versatility and high value
  • Three-year warranty
With New Holland’s new SmartTrax™ II tracks option, New Holland 4WD T9 Series tractor owners can take advantage of premium-quality tracks that provide the benefits of a larger footprint and less soil compaction. The tracks’ unique high-idler design, which has been optimized for productivity and long life, allows the track modules to handle the toughest field conditions with ease.

“SmartTrax II tracks boost the productivity and pulling efficiency of our T9 4WD Series tractors,” says Gary Wojcik, New Holland High HP Tractor and PLM™ Segment Leader. “They’re designed to increase traction and reduce soil compaction and slippage. A 4WD system is easier to turn without power loss and will do less soil damage when compared to a twin track system.  The high-idler design and long tracks means they can easily bridge rough terrain so operators enjoy a smoother ride. And the rugged design translates into a lower cost of ownership than other track systems.”
SmartTrax II, available for New Holland’s T9.600, T9.645 and T9.700 tractor models, are premium-quality tracks with the toughest belts in the industry for longer belt life as well as uniform load to the ground. Belt longevity is extended because the tracks are designed with four corners, and with the largest drive wheel in the industry, the load on the belt lugs is reduced. The direct drive system eliminates belt-to-drive wheel slippage while operating at low belt tension therefore increasing the efficiency, especially in wet conditions. 

Industry-leading high-idler configuration handles the toughest field conditions
The tracks’ unique high-idler design has a sled-shaped leading edge that easily moves over field residue, minimizing soil berming/damage. Surface debris is pulled under the track, keeping the track modules and the tractor on top, which further improves flotation and minimizes surface damage. The design also makes it easier to drive in and out of ditches and climb over rough terrain and obstacles without undue stress on the operator or the machine.

Belt tension is maintained with an integrated tensioner/accumulator for efficient belt operation and maximum life. The belt tension accumulator system is fully designed into the track module frame.

Versatility and high value
In addition to all of these performance advantages, SmartTrax II tracks are also versatile. They can be used on a tractor for spring planting and then installed on a combine for fall harvest. When it’s time to replace a tractor, they can be easily removed to install on the next machine. The tracks bolt to the hubs without adapters, allowing conversion from wheels to tracks in less than a day.

“The value is derived from the extra heavy-duty design and longevity of the track modules” says Wojcik. “The investment in one set of track modules will accommodate multiple machine trade cycles.”

Three-year warranty
SmartTrax II are backed by a three-year limited warranty, and require only minimal maintenance, with a 5,000-hours service interval. Oil only needs to be checked once a year and no daily maintenance is required.

NEW HOLLAND, Pa. —  February 11, 2014