• 03-FEB-2017

Haybine® Mower-Conditioners


The Industries First and Still the Best - Since 1964 when New Holland introduced the first combined sickle mower and conditioner, the Haybine® name has been synonymous with time-saving, impeccable cutting performance, fast drying, and time-tested reliability. New Holland continues this legacy with Haybine model 472 and 488 side-pull mower-conditioners and H7150 center-pivot, trail frame for HS Series 14-, 16-, and 18-foot mower-conditioner heads.

472 and 488 model Haybine® mower-conditioners - These side-pull models offer traditional producers just right capacity with a low power requirement and base models require no hydraulic connections ideally suited for classic tractors, many of today's compact models, as well as small utility tractor models.

H7150 Haybine® mower-conditioner trail frame for HS series heads - If you’re looking for consistent, high cutting quality combined with high capacity, look no further than the H7150 Haybine mower-conditioner trail frame paired with an HS Series sickle mower-conditioner head, available in cutting widths of 14, 16, or 18 feet. The center-pivot design combined with dual, counter-stroking sickles and wide cutting widths makes short work of large acreages.

  • Haybine® 472
  • Haybine® 488
  • H7150 Trail Frame and HS14 Haybine® Head
  • H7150 Trail Frame and HS16 Haybine® Head
  • H7150 Trail Frame and HS18 Haybine® Head