• 03-FEB-2017

Windrow Mergers


Squeeze more out of every acre by making each pass a more productive one. The H5400 series windrow mergers combine swath paths to efficiently match windrow width and density to forage harvester or baler capacity. Gentle action ensures a premium crop, and fewer trips through the field reduce fuel use, wheel traffic, labor and production costs. Bring it all together and get ready for a more profitable harvest.

Three Models, More Options, All the Right Features
If well-matched, high-quality windrows are what you're after, then we've got you covered. A choice of three models, with optional extensions and attachments, let you match the configuration to your operation. Plus, a gentle floating pickup comes standard so you get everything you want in a windrow, and nothing you don't.

Center-Pull Model
Powered by a 70 hp tractor with one remote, the center-pull crop merger offers a simple, economical way to merge windrows up to 12 feet. Extensions are available to expand the merge area up to 14 feet.

Side-Pull Models
For larger acreage, choose between two side-pull models. The convenient hydraulic swing-tongue design provides offset operation, so tractor tires stay away from the crop swath. Both the 9-ft H5420 and the 12-ft H5430 can be outfitted with extensions to increase merging area to 18 feet.

A Gentle Floating Pickup Keeps the Riffraff Out
Dirt and stones have no place in a premium windrow. That's why a floating pickup comes standard to skim ground contours while replaceable three-prong teeth carefully lift valuable crop, keeping leaves intact and debris in the field.

A Conveyer Belt Designed Right
The 42-inch conveyer efficiently transfers crop with a ribbed belt that provides a sure grip and extra high back panels to keep crop from exiting early. An anti-wrap device on the bearings prevents crop from wrapping and damaging bearing seals.

Simultaneous Speed Adjustments
Working in harmony, the pickup and conveyer speeds adjust simultaneously for smooth crop flow.

Merge Right, Invert Left
All H5400 crop mergers are designed to merge crop to the right. To invert crop using the optional inverter chute, simply switch the location of the two quick-disconnect hoses to change the direction of the conveyor belt.

Add Extensions
For merging wide swaths, extensions are available for all three models, adding 2 feet to the center-pull and a choice of 2-, 4- or 6-foot extensions for side-pull models.

Boost Hydraulic Flow
Don't let a single remote tractor stand in the way of your side-pull crop merger. A self-contained hydraulic pump is available for those without adequate flow, allowing the merger to work efficiently off one remote.

  • H5410
  • H5420
  • H5430