• 11-OCT-2016

2016 National Gas Rodeo Announces Relay Event Winners


Annual event provides elite gas crews from across the U.S. an opportunity to showcase skills in two- and four-person competitions.

The 2016 National Gas Rodeo, sponsored by CASE Construction Equipment​, announced the winners for the two- and four-person team Relay events. Organized by the Midwest Energy Association, this year’s Rodeo was held at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds in Denver.

The 2016 overall Rodeo champion in the two-person team category was Late Start from Alagasco, Alabama. The four-person team winner was the Gas House Gang, from Laclede Gas Company in Spire-Laclede, Missouri, who are back-to-back Rodeo champions.

In second place, the two-person team winner was Methane Rangers from Spire-Laclede, while the four-person team winner was the Laclede Gassers, also from Spire-Laclede.

For third place, the two-person team winner was The Punishers from Piedmont National Gas (North Carolina), while the four-person team winner was Ignition Source, also from Piedmont Natural Gas.

“Skills training and proficiency is the cornerstone of our industry,” says Athena Campos, senior director of marketing, CASE Construction Equipment. “The time and dedication that all of the teams who compete show for their craft is admirable, and the National Gas Rodeo continues to be one of the premier venues for showcasing the best of the best – both in competition, and in the work they do every day.”

The National Gas Rodeo draws teams from utility companies across the United States, and has grown to include more than 50 teams and 500 people attending the event. The two- and four-person teams compete in various skill tests focused on safe, time-efficient performance using construction equipment and other tools of the trade.

The Rodeo Relay is a sequence of six events: a truck and trailer back up, an egg pickup with a backhoe, pipe squeeze, a mini excavator event, regulator bypass and water cooler.

The Midwest Energy Association​ produces the National Gas Rodeo, with the support of the American Gas Association, the American Public Gas Association and the Southern Gas Association.

For more information on the Rodeo, visit NationalGasRodeo.org​.

Racine, Wis., October 11, 2016