• 15-DEC-2014

CASE Construction Equipment (Booth 454) will give away one of its Small DV Series rollers at the 2015 National Pavement Expo show in Nashville


CASE Construction Equipment (Booth 454) will give away one of its Small DV Series rollers at the 2015 National Pavement Expo​ show in Nashville, as well as showcase the brand new DV209C high frequency asphalt compactor.

One contest entrant will take home the grand prize of a 2014 CASE DV26​ small double drum asphalt roller. The contest will be held from Jan. 28-30, and entrants can register by depositing a completed prize ballot at the CASE Construction Exhibit booth during the show. The winner will be announced Jan. 30 at 4:30 p.m. and must be present to win.


CASE Construction Equipment’s DV26 small double drum asphalt roller​ combines a compact size, excellent maneuverability and visibility, with the same control features found in heavy asphalt rollers. The DV26 roller features a tapered offset drum with high curb clearance, a narrow hood design, a tighter turning radius and an isolated-mounted operator platform that minimizes vibration while maximizing productivity and comfort. The DV26’s Tier 4 Interim engine reaches peak HP at a lower RPM — burning less fuel to provide a full workday on a single tank of fuel.


Also showcased will be the new CASE DV209C, which gives road builders more control and versatility to dial in compaction performance to match each lift. The DV209C features a frequency range of 42 to 55 hertz standard and 46 to 67 hertz high frequency. This higher frequency range gives operators control over compaction performance based on the thickness and density requirements of the lift. When combined with variable amplitude settings (.22 to .6 millimeters), these machines can be dialed in to better handle thinner lifts (low amplitude/high frequency) and thicker lifts (high amplitude/low frequency). Centrifugal force can also be dialed in (15,736 to 21,582 pounds) to best match the thickness of the lift and the desired depth of compaction.

The machine is also equipped with high-efficiency Tier 4 Interim engines (Cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation and Diesel Oxidation Catalyst) with automatic idle control systems to improve fuel efficiency by as much as 10 percent.

The new and spacious operator environment found on the DV209C includes features designed to give operators better visibility to the work and easier control through intelligently placed controls and monitors. A new operator station that is capable of turning and sliding through the entire width of the cab gives the operator visibility to the drum surfaces and edges, as well as the spray bars. Large front and rear mirrors (with optional enclosed cab configuration) help ensure optimal visibility.

The new DV209C also features a color monitor conveniently located in the center of the steering wheel to give operators easy access to important operational information, as well as controls for speed, frequency, vibration and sprinkler adjustments. The monitor stays in the same position, even when the steering wheel is rotating, for easy reading and control.